Whether it’s an office, a website, a report, or a policy, here’s where you’ll find all the resources that are relevant to, or are in place to support, women in the BU STEM community.

Faculty Resources

Faculty members have been in academia for years, but that doesn’t mean that they know everything. Here are some resources that can help faculty members with career advancement, teaching training, family support, and more.

Postdoctoral Resources

Postdocs may already have their PhDs, but there’s always more for them to learn. This includes learning about the resources BU has in place to support and advance our women STEM postdocs.

Graduate Student Resources

Ensuring BU’s 14,000+ graduate students have useful information and resources is critically important. Here are resources that support BU graduate students generally and female graduates students in STEM in particular.

Undergraduate Student Resources

The University’s 16,000+ undergraduates make up the largest part of the BU community. Here are the support resources available to those undergrads who are studying STEM.

General Resources

These are the reports, articles, and books that can give you a great background on the past, present, and future of women in STEM and the awesome work being done to support them.