Community Events

Community Events

These are the different events that ARROWS organizes each year to establish a sense of community among everyone working to advance and support women in the STEM departments at BU and in society more generally.

ARROWS Annual Lecture

The ARROWS Annual Lecture provides an opportunity for the BU community to hear from a female scientist or engineer with extraordinary records of leadership and vision in addressing issues facing women in STEM fields. This event is held in the spring and includes a lecture from the featured speaker followed by a catered social for follow-up conversations and community building.

ARROWS Welcome Back Social

At the beginning of each new school year, ARROWS hosts a Welcome Back Social event for all female STEM faculty members to socialize, meet colleagues from other departments, and learn about what events and programming ARROWS has planned for that academic year.

New Faculty/Student Welcome

Every year, there are new female STEM faculty members joining BU and starting an exciting new part of their careers. As such, ARROWS hosts a New Faculty Welcome event at the beginning of every fall semester to welcome these new faculty members, introduce them to administrators, faculty, staff and students, and to let them know that they are part of a larger community that is always available to them.

ARROWS Town Hall Meetings

ARROWS¬†Town Hall Meetings are events where students have the opportunity to candidly share the challenges facing women in BU’s STEM departments as well as discuss ideas and recommendations to allow Boston University to improve and become a leader in these issues. The next Town Hall Meeting for the Spring 2020 semester is currently being scheduled.