Community Campaigns

Community Campaigns

Transforming entire cultures and institutions is tough enough, but trying to do it solo is even harder. Thankfully, by leveraging individual actions into larger community campaigns, ARROWS is able to ensure that every individual can contribute and make BU’s STEM culture better, one action and campaign at a time.

Stop Impostor Syndrome

Feelings of impostor syndrome (a thought pattern in which qualified, competent people feel fraudulent in their success) are not often talked about openly and honestly, and BU is going to start changing that. With the Stop Impostor Syndrome campaign, we collect and share the testimonials of BU community members discussing their experiences of impostor syndrome and how they’ve managed these feelings.

 1/1/1 Recommendations

In the spirit of learning, once a week a member of the BU community will recommend 1 person, 1 article, and 1 book they think others should know about. These recommendations focus on women in STEM and/or gender issues more broadly.