BU Maternity Program

Thursday October 23, 2014 3-5 PM

Kristin Gruber-Grunert, Director: Office of Family Resources & Children’s Center; Bonnie Teitleman, Director: Faculty, Staff Assistance Office; Mary Flemming, Human Resources Consultant; Marcy McMahon – Obstetric Nurse

Human Resources Conference Room, room 245 ( 25 Buick Street, Second Floor )

This program will bring expectant parents together in a light and festive atmosphere to discuss both professional and personal concerns associated with having a baby, including maternity leave, postpartum depression, returning to work, breastfeeding (both before leaving and after returning to work), available benefits, and childcare support.

What You Will Learn:

Information about maternity leave benefits
Information about child care supports available at the University
Information about breastfeeding (both before returning to work and after returning to work)
Information about the familial stresses associated with having a baby or adopting a child
Who Should Attend:

Those thinking about having a baby or adopting a child
New or expectant parents/partners/caregivers