Volume 26

Arion 26.1 Spring/Summer 2018

Essays and Verse

Cicero’s grief

Shane Butler

Reading Homer in Dark Times:

Rachel Bespaloff’s On the Iliad

Seth L. Schein

Ulysses Meets Ulysses

Rachelle Bijou

Modes of Ekphrasis:

The Bildgedichte of Keas, Leconte de Lisle, and Rilke

Theodore Ziolkowski

Divine Epiphany and Pious Discourse

in Plato’s Phaedrus

Andrea Nightingale

After Martial

Martin Bennett

The Role of Writing in the Interpretation

of the Visual Arts

Paul Barolsky


A Guide to Jean Bollack’s The Art of Reading

André Laks

Who Owes What to Whom? Some Classical

Reflections on Debt, Greek and Otherwise

Johanna Hanink, The Classical Debt:

Greek Antiquity in an Era of Austerity

Louis A. Ruprecht Jr.

Arion 26.2 Fall 2018                    

Essays and Verse

The Long Sunset: R. C. Sherriff and the Excavation of Angmering Roman Villa

Rob Hardy


Lyrics for a Love Song: Every Time

Stavros Stavrou

(translated from the Greek by Edmund Keeley)


Latin Woostered and Hard-Boiled: The Classical Style of P. G. Wodehouse and Raymond Chandler

Kathleen Riley


Three Poems

Deborah Warren


Andrea del Sarto’s Noli me tangere: Sight, Touch, and an Echo of St. Augustine

Steven J. Cody


In the Arena: Epigrams from Martial’s De Spectaculis

Susan McLean


New York’s Democratic Aqueduct: Old Croton and Rome

Peter Aicher


Stories and Meditations


The Consolations of Literature

Marilyn Sides


Peter Ehrlich

Fred Licht



A Review of Call Me by Your Name, Courtesy of Philology 101

Luca Guadagnino, director, Call Me By Your Name. P. Spears and H. Rosenman, producers (United States: Sony Pictures Classics, 2017). Based on the novel by André Aciman.

Justin Hudak


Pots, Pans, and Parasols: The Comic Genius of Aristophanes’ Birds

The Birds, a production of The National Theatre of Greece, performed in modern Greek, with supertitles, at St. Anne’s Warehouse in Brooklyn, May 2–16, 2018, directed by Nikos Karathanos in an adaptation by Karathanos and Yiannis Asteris.

Helaine L. Smith


Letter to the Editors

On Mary McCarthy’s 1945 translation of Simone Weil

Mary Maxwell


Arion 26.3 Winter 2019

Essays and Verse

A Decade of Teaching Classics in a Massachusetts Prison

Charles Rowan Beye


When Hyperbole Enters Politics: What Can Be Learned From Antiquity and Our Hyperbolist-In-Chie

W. Robert Connor


I Listen Like Nausicaa to NPR

Katie Hartsock


On Women Englishing Homer

Richard Hughes Gibson


Three Poems

Jane Blanchard


Encounters with Ovid: Gavin Douglas’s The Palis of Honoure and Derek Walcott’s “The Hotel Normandie Pool”

Carole E. Newlands


Keaton’s Yoke

Alex Priou


Then Artemis Said

Diana Lueptow


Three Ovidian Tails

Paul Barolsky



Capitalism in “Wealthy Hellas”?

Josiah Ober, The Rise and Fall of Classical Greece

Peter W. Rose