Associate Professor of History of Art & Architecture and Archaeology

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Areas of Interest

Ancient Mediterranean, particularly the intersection of the Greek and Phoenician worlds, with emphasis on ethnicity, identity and culture.  Greek and Phoenician art and archaeology.

Excavations and Fieldwork

Becky Martin is co-director of the Tel Dor Excavation Project with Ayelet Gilboa (University of Haifa) and Sveta Matskevich (Hebrew University). Dor is a coastal tell site in southern Phoenicia (modern Israel) with Bronze Age to Roman Imperial era occupation. Systematic excavations began in 1980 and continued, with some interruptions, through 2018. We hope to resume excavations in the later 2020s. During the digging hiatus, we are working to complete publication of Areas B and G.

Recent Publications


The Art of Contact: Comparative Approaches to Greek and Phoenician Art. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2017.

Edited books:

Martin, S. R. and S. M. Langin-Hooper, eds. The Tiny and the Fragmented: Miniature, Broken, and Otherwise ‘Incomplete’ Objects in the Ancient World, Oxford University Press, forthcoming October 2018. Includes the following chapters:

Martin, S. R. and S. M. Langin-Hooper, “In/Complete: An Introduction to the Theories of Miniaturization and Fragmentation,” pp. 1-23.

Martin, S. R. “Divinity In Part or In Full? Representations of Tanit in Texts and Art,” pp. 72-98.

Refereed journal articles and book chapters:

Shahack-Gross, R.; Ogloblin Ramirez, I.; Zajac, R.; Arkin Shalev, E.; Zilberman, T.; Yasur, G; Matskevich, S.; Martin, S.R.; Gilboa, A.; Sharon, I.; Yasur-Landau, A. “Geoarchaeology at the Marine Waterfront of a Coastal Urban Center: Human Activities and Sea-Land Interface Processes on the Late Bronze and Early Iron Age Coast of Tel Dor, Israel.” Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 48 (April 2023, 103835).

Martin, S. R., and Y. Shalev. “The Reoccupation of Southern Phoenicia in the Persian Period: Rethinking the Evidence.” In Material, Method, and Meaning. Papers in Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology in Honor of Ilan Sharon, edited by U. Davidovich, N. Yahalom-Mack, and S. Matskevich, 101­­-16. Münster: Zaphon, 2022.

Phoenician versus Phoenicianism: Scholarly Categories and Collective Identities.” In Transformations and Crisis in the Mediterranean, Volume III, edited by G. Garbati and T. Pedrazzi, 31-43. Rome: CNR, 2021.