University of Alabama Press has announced the Mary Beaudry Book Award for the Archaeology of Food, to be awarded in 2024 and every three years after that to the best book in the Archaeology of Food Series, for which Mary was a founding series co-editor.

Also, on Jan. 7, 2022 at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Historical Archaeology in Philadelphia, a full-day session of papers was presented in Mary’s honor. The session, “‘Historical Archaeology with Canon on the Side, Please’: In Honor of Mary C. Beaudry (1950-2020),” was co-organized by Lu Ann De Cunzo, Sara Mascia (1995), and me. There were an amazing number of Mary’s PhD, MA, and BA students in the session:

David Landon (PhD 1991) and Christa Beranek (PhD 2007)
Joseph Bagley (BA 2006)
Stephen Brighton (PhD 2005)
Lauren Cook (MA 1990)
Christina Hodge (PhD 2007), Jessica MacLean (PhD 2015), and Carolyn White (PhD 2002)
Jade Luiz (PhD 2018)
Laura Masur (PhD 2019)
Karen Metheny (PhD 2002)
Travis Parno (PhD 2013)
Luke Pecoraro (PhD 2015)
Elizabeth Peña (PhD 1990)
Krysta Ryzewski (BA 2001)

Also participating were Jimena Cruz, a visiting scholar and advisee of Mary’s in 2017, and her co-author, Andres Zarankin, who was also a visiting scholar in the department–perhaps in 2015 or 2016?

Attached copies of the program if you would like to see the titles of the various papers and the names of other colleagues who participated. This information provided by one of Mary’s students, Dr. Karen Metheny.


Beaudry SHA 2022 Part 1

Beaudry SHA 2022 Part 2

Mary Beaudry Book Award for the Archaeology of Food