The Archaeology of Identity in “Peripheries” of the Roman World: An Emerging Scholar Symposium

  • Starts: 2:00 pm on Friday, April 5, 2024
  • Ends: 5:00 pm on Friday, April 5, 2024
The Archaeology Program and Department of Classical Studies at Boston University invite you to attend the Spring 2024 panel discussion on the topic of “The Archaeology of Identity in “Peripheries” of the Roman World: An Emerging Scholar Symposium.” This panel brings together emerging scholars and senior scholar discussants to discuss how archaeological methods can illuminate personal identity among “peripheral” communities of the Roman world. We position the concept of “periphery” in both the geographic sense (e.g., Roman Britain, Africa, and the Roman east) and the cultural sense, including communities systematically disadvantaged by Roman society (e.g., women, slaves, racialized populations). Moderator: Irene Soto Marín Assistant Professor of Classics, Department of the Classics, Harvard University “Money and Wealth in the ‘Periphery’ of the Roman Empire” Discussants: Amia Davis PhD Candidate, Department of Classics and History, Yale University, New Haven, CT “Getting to Know the Dacians: Shifting Identities of the Other in Roman Thought” Megan Gatton Ph.D. Student, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, Classical Art and Archaeology Fellow "Making Contact: Bone Knife Handles from Gallia Belgica, Pannonia, and Dacia" Beth Minney PhD Candidate, Department of Classics, Stanford Archaeology Center, Stanford University “Layered Identities in Malta: The Site of Tas-Silġ” Thank you to our sponsors: College of Arts and Sciences Diversity & Inclusion Archaeological Institute of America Boston Society
Sargent College, Room 101, 635 Commonwealth Avenue
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