This policy is in addition to the University registry requirement with the International Travel Registry, which provides a secure place for all university travelers to record their travel plans and contact information.

Why register?

  • Registration allows BU to assist individuals and groups with pre-travel preparation and travel advice, especially when the planned travel takes you to high-risk destinations;
  • Registration also allows BU to communicate with travelers when incidents affecting travel and operations occur overseas, including natural disasters, civil unrest, or outbreak of disease.

Who must register?

Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, and Staff are required to register their travel before undertaking any University-Sponsored International Travel.

Faculty are strongly encouraged to register their travel before undertaking any University-Sponsored International Travel. Faculty are also encouraged to consult with the Global Programs office

Emergency travel insurance

All students participating in a BU Study Abroad program must have comprehensive health insurance coverage valid at their destinations, as well as emergency travel assistance to cover medical and security evacuation. Students must retain their existing health insurance: study abroad insurance does NOT replace comprehensive, US-­based health insurance as required by Massachusetts and US law. You may not participate in BU Study Abroad programs without certifying that you have US-based coverage or are purchasing the BU Student Health Plan.


Travel Registration

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Select multiple locations by holding down the CTRL key, or command on a Mac.
  • DD dash MM dash YYYY
  • DD dash MM dash YYYY
  • This can be an individual or company name.