Joshua Robinson publishes article in the Journal of Paleolithic Archaeology

Joshua Robinson recently published an article. The article is behind a paywall, click here for PDF version. This is part of a special collection of the Journal of Paleolithic Archaeology called ‘From veld to coast: towards and understanding of the diverse landscapes’ uses by past foragers in southern Africa’.  
Southern Africa is characterized by the development of varied Middle and Later Stone Age techno-complexes and behaviors against a backdrop of complex climatic conditions during the late Pleistocene and Holocene. While much work has been devoted to reconstructing regional environmental patterns, site-specific ecological and habitat contexts have primarily focused on a single site or small area. The local manifestations of regional climatic conditions are analyzed here by compiling faunal enamel stable isotope data from 13 sites across South Africa, Lesotho, and Zambia. Measuring isotope space and overlap reveals distinct on-the-ground habitat circumstances across regions and even variability within some regions, especially in the period ~ 36,000–5000 years ago. This analytical framework aims to test whether sites within the same environmental zones overlap in isotope space and finds that there is greater intra-regional environmental heterogeneity than expected. Patterns of contracting and expanding isoto