Britt Hartenberger (GRS’99, GRS’03) accepted an associate director and tenure track teaching position.

Britt Hartenberger (BU Archaeology MA 1999, PhD 2003) has been offered and accepted the position of Faculty Specialist II in Anthropology, in the Institute for Intercultural and Anthropological Studies at Western Michigan University (WMU). The position is a teaching-centered one that is tenure-track. As part of the position, she also will be the Associate Director for Anthropology, advising the Institute’s Director on administering the Anthropology major and minor at the university. Britt has been teaching archaeology at WMU for the past 15 years in various capacities, as a part-time instructor and as a term appointment. She has also conducted archaeological research at Bronze and Iron Age sites in Turkey and Greece since leaving BU in 2003.

Congratulations Britt!