Dr. Roosevelt and Dr. Luke publish JFA article on petrographic and ceramic analysis

Journal of Field Archaeology newest issue, 40.4, Dr. Luke and Dr. Roosevelt along with two other co-authors have published another of our most downloaded articles ever, at 353 times! This article is on their petrographic and ceramic analysis of their collected survey ceramics.
Read article here: http://www.maneyonline.com/doi/abs/10.1179/2042458215Y.0000000009

Diachronic survey in the Marmara Lake basin of western Turkey confirms long-term settlement activity from the 5th millennium b.c. to the present. Here we present the results from a study of ceramics and settlement distribution pertaining to the Chalcolithic through the Iron Age periods (ca. 5th/4th–1st millennium b.c.). Our dataset confirms the value of a multi-pronged approach when establishing ceramic typologies from survey datasets, incorporating distribution in the landscape with macroscopic, microscopic (petrographic), and chemical (Instrumental Neutron Activation) analyses. Our results offer valuable insights into continuity as well as change of ceramic recipes in western Anatolia during the rise of urbanism in the Middle to Late Bronze Age followed by the establishment of an imperial realm in the Iron Age. From a methodological perspective, our results illustrate the value of macroscopic and chemical approaches, including principal component, distribution, density, and discriminant analyses that can be refined further by petrography, for the interpretation of surface survey ceramics.