Research and Scholarly Work


One of the greatest strengths of Boston University is the disciplinary diversity of our faculty members. Some of our faculty members pursue traditional academic scholarship and scientific research, while others make their mark with professional accomplishments in the arts, medicine, law and industry. For all of us, the common denominator is external recognition and impact.  Publications, performances, competitive external funding, and invited presentations are some of the ways that external reputation and impact can be demonstrated.  Many of the resources that faculty members may find helpful for their scholarly work have been collected in a separate Research website, which also includes the Research magazine where you can learn about some of the interesting work being done by your colleagues at Boston University.

Vice President and Associate Provost for Research

Gloria S. Waters is Boston University’s Vice President and Associate Provost for Research. The Office for the VP of Research facilitates research and scholarship across the entire university.

Sabbatical Leave

Sabbatical Leave is an investment by the University in the scholarly activities of our full-time professorial faculty, regardless of tenure status. All sabbatical applications must be accompanied by a detailed plan for the activities to be undertaken if the sabbatical leave is granted. Sabbatical Leave provides periodic complete relief from teaching and service obligations to the University. It does not affect obligations to external sponsors. The Faculty Handbook describes the eligibility for Sabbatical Leave, and the Provost’s website contains instructions and forms for CRC faculty.  Faculty on the BUMC should consult with the appropriate Dean.

If you are planning a sabbatical leave, you may find that this article from the Chronicle of Higher Education is helpful; it describes some of the current tax implications, and ways to save on your taxes, when taking a sabbatical.