New Supplier Portal V5

Ariba Network – New UI:

  • The Ariba Network is undergoing updates to the Buyer and Supplier Portals.
  • The new UI is set to roll-out on May 21st.
  • Attached are documents for your review.
  • More information will become available as we get closer.

What Is Changing:

  • New UI on the AN Portal
    • New home page with customizable widgets and workbench instead of Inbox/Outbox
  • Help Center Refresh
    • Featuring updated design, links to Supplier Information Portals, persona & context responsive results & more
  • New TRR-Based Registration Experience
    • For Ariba Network Only
    • New TRR template, new registration landing page, new registration form
    • All Customer branded
  • New Name (Phase 1)
    • “Business Network” to replace “Ariba Network” in only two locations at this time:
      • The AN Portal and the new TRR & registration experience
      • “Ariba Network” can still be seen on other pages within the account

Customer FAQ