Portrait of Yukun Yang, Data Scientist

Yukun Yang

Data Scientist, Racial Data Lab

Yukun Yang is a Data Scientist at the Center for Antiracist Research. He is an experienced data storyteller focusing on developing interpretable and visually appealing data visualizations that will enhance the communication of data collected at the Center to diverse audiences.

Yukun Yang has comprehensive knowledge in data science with a focus on data visualization and data mining. Before joining the Center, he worked as a Research Data Scientist at the National Police Foundation and engaged in numerous projects with local and national impact and visibility. With his unique skillset, he was able to tackle complex practical problems with innovative data approaches, enable more sophisticated research and generate new learning and insights with new datasets and advanced analytical tools. 

Yukun earned his M.S. in Information Science at UNC-Chapel Hill when he was also working as a Social Media Data Analyst at the UNC Digital Innovation Lab. His previous research and publications centered on social media mining with a focus on online information behaviors and the social dynamics of online communities.

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