Portrait of Michaé De La Cuadra, Antibigotry Convening Fellow

Michaé De La Cuadra

Michaé De La Cuadra (they/she) is a Mexican/Ecuadorian trans femme artist, organizer, and policy expert based in Los Angeles, California (Occupied Tongva Land). Michaé has worked with the TransLatin@ Coalition as the Manager of Policy and Community Engagement, where she has helped to increase the political presence of trans folx of color and working toward accountability from political systems through trans-inclusive legislation. Over the last three years, she has worked to draft and pass trans-inclusive legislation that improves the livelihood of transgender, gender non-binary, and intersex (TGI) people across the state of California. She was integral to the passage of AB 2218 (Transgender Wellness and Equity Fund) and SB 132 (Transgender Respect, Agency, and Dignity Act). Additionally, Michaé is a visual and performance artist using mediums such as dance, painting, and music to uplift her nuanced experience as a genderless being in a cisnormative world.

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