Portrait of Janvieve Comrie, Antibigotry Convening Fellow

Janvieve Williams Comrie

Janvieve Williams Comrie is the founder and current Executive Director of AfroResistance. AfroResistance is committed to educating and organizing for human rights, democracy and racial justice throughout the Americas. Janvieve is a human rights strategist, trainer, and organizer with a deep commitment to assist in the building of powerful social movements for racial justice and human rights. She is an expert in race and human rights, and internationally recognized for her work with African Descendent communities. She has worked in a variety of fields and for several human rights institutions, including the Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights Regional Office Central America, where she coordinated a regional program on race and racism. She has also done groundbreaking human rights work, both with grassroots organizations, NGO’s and with the United Nations, primarily in the southern-based United States, Canada, Mexico, Nicaragua, Belize, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil to name a few. For over a decade, Janvieve has been serving social movements as a strategist, facilitator and racial justice consultant. She is a writer for Al Jazeera on issues of human rights, race and immigration, and a guest political commentator for teleSUR news. Janvieve is also an Associate Professor at The New School. She a Certified Professional Racial Equity Diversity Coach. She is a mother to two amazing children and lives with her life partner, and helps take care of her parents between The Bronx and Panama.

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