Portrait of E-Shein (Iggy) Chang, Antibigotry Convening Fellow

E-Shein (Iggy) Chang

E-Shein (Iggy) Chang is a postdoctoral fellow in Behavioral Geriatrics at Weill Cornell Medicine’s Division of Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine. A social scientist by training, Iggy’s research seeks to dismantle mechanisms of discrimination, prejudice, and violence in the context of aging health. Her dissertation work, informed by social determinants of health framework, was the first to systematically examined the role of structural ageism and individual ageism in driving elder abuse perpetration. In collaboration with WHO, her systematic review on the health consequences of ageism contributed to the evidence base of the WHO Global Campaign to Combat Ageism. Iggy is also passionate about documenting the ways in which ageism intersects and exacerbates other forms of biases that ultimately lead to worsened health outcomes through the lens of elder justice. Taken together, Iggy’s research program has indicated that to improve aging health disparities in general and elder abuse in particular, we must eradicate the ageist systems embedded in our culture. In addition to her research on ageism and elder abuse etiology, she also has an invested interest in minority aging and immigrant health. Iggy completed her PhD in Social and Behavioral Sciences at Yale School of Public Health and her MA in Social Sciences at University of Chicago.

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