Faye Harwell

Matriculated September 2016


Faye Harwell is a PhD candidate in biological anthropology, working with Professor Cheryl Knott.  Her dissertation research is focused on the growth and development of captive juvenile orangutans. Orangutans have the longest period of juvenile dependency of any non-human primate. To investigate this lengthy developmental life stage of life, Faye will assess hormone levels pertinent to growth and sexual maturity, body weight records, and photographs taken to estimate skeletal growth.

Before coming to Boston University, Faye completed her B.A. and M.S. in biology at Clark University in Worcester, MA.  Her M.A. thesis was on the effects of body temperature and hydration state on the environmental preferences and jumping performance of three species of frogs local to Massachusetts.

For more information on Faye’s research, please visit https://fayeharwell.wordpress.com


Knott, C. D. & Harwell, F. S. (In Press). Chapter 1: ecological risk and the evolution of great ape life histories. In Chimpanzees in Context: A Comparative Perspective. Edited by L. M. Hopper, & S. R. Ross. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press.