MA Student Research

Course Related Projects

As part of their coursework, Preservation Studies students are required to take AM 555 – Boston Architectural and Community History Workshop. The body of work compiled by the class each semester can be found by clicking through the below image.

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Selected Capstone Projects

Each student in the Preservation Studies Program completes a capstone that is the culmination of their work at Boston University. Listed below are some of the recent projects.

  • Akil Sokoli: “The Church-Mosque building in Rozafa Castle, Shkoder, Albania: Statement of significance and legal feasibility for its conversion into a Religious Museum” 
  • Joseph Kennedy van den Berg: “Imagination Preservation: An exploration of Colonial Williamsburg, Disneyland, and their Preservation Principles”
  • Evan O’Connor: “Home at the Old Manse: The Old Manse Historic Survey”
  • Mengxi Qian: “The Dilemma between Landscape Preservation and Economic Development: The Pagoda of Fogong Temple, Shuozhou, China”
  • Hannah Nozer: “Allston, Massachusetts: A Community Preservation Act Assessment”
  • Eunjeong Kim: “History and Identities: Seoul Country Club and Grand Children Park in Seoul, South Korea”
  • Gulnur Cengiz: “The Advent of Preservation in Turkey: How Preservation Changed and Shaped the City of Istanbul”
  • Rebecca Moroski: “The Valuable Role of Archaeology in Historic Preservation Practices”
  • Ian Kerr Murdoch Stewart: “The Birth of an American Form: Anglo-Dutch Houses of Columbia County, NY 1790-1830”
  • Elaine Sullivan: “William H. Monroe and the Changing Landscape of Brighton’s Aberdeen Neighborhood”
  • Patrick Powers: “The Eblana Brewery: Maintaining Historical Significance in Cultural Adaptive Re-Use”
  • Nathan Curwen: “Bethlehem’s Steel Industry: An Examination of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation Through Practices of Preservation and Revitalization”
  • Carmen De Lucia: “Boston’s Brewery Landscape: Making Beer Before Prohibition:
  • Sean Maher: “Investigation of a Local House Type Illustrating Adaptive and Transitional Framing Practices in Southern Essex County, Massachusetts”
  • Dayl Cohen: “The Vilna Shul on Beacon Hill: Adorning an American Immigrant Synagogue”
  • Casey Horna Pecoraro: “Heritage and Community Identity: Suburban Development in Williamsburg, Virginia”
  • Elizabeth Sims (JD/MA): “Community Benefits Agreements: Potential for Better Brownfields Redevelopment”
  • Elizabeth Ware: “The Preservation of America’s Lighthouses: A Review of the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act of 2000”
  • Alyson Mamourian (JD/MA): “Designation and Regulation of Historic Religious Properties: Applying the Free Exercise Clause under RLUIPA”
  • Eileen Wilde: “Crafting a Commercial Aesthetic on the Outer Cape: Tourism and Car Culture on Cape Cod”