Recent Dissertations


Katherine Evans, “‘I am Going to be a Veteran of this War:’ American Women’s Explorations of Domestic Life on the Western Front” (William Huntting Howell)

Megan LeBarron, “Heartland Cosmopolitanism: The Midwest and Literary Modernism in the Work of Willa Cather and Sinclair Lewis” (John T. Matthews)

Astrid Tvetenstrand, “Buying a View: American Landscape Painting and Gilded Age Vacation Culture, 1870-1910” (Ross Barrett)

Sean Case, “To Balance the World: The Development of the United States’ National Interest, 1919-1969” (Bruce Schulman)

Madeline Webster, “Race and Reuse: Black Historic Preservation Efforts in Boston, 1876-1976” (Daniel Abramson)

Megan Hermida Lu, “Amateur Travel Films of the American Pacific, 1923-1975″ (Roy Grundmann)

Alyssa Kreikemeier, “Aerial Empire: Contested Sovereignties and the American West” (Sarah Phillips)

Dan DeFraia, “State Work: A History of the American Reporter and Journalistic Independence” (Bruce Schulman)



Frankie Vanaria, “The Global Screen: Intercultural Dialogue and Community in the Filmmaking of Alfonso Cuarón, Guillermo del Toro, and Alejandro G. Iñárritu” (Roy Grundmann)

Rachel Kirby, “Consuming the South: Representations of Taste, Place, and Agriculture” (Ross Barrett)

Christopher Stokum, “A Working Dress: American Intellectuals and Manual Labor, 1800-1860” (Jon Roberts)

Christine D’Auria: “Before the Blacklist: The Fiction and Film Work of Hollywood Screenwriters” (Susan Mizruchi)

Samantha Pickette: “Bridging the JAP: The Female-Driven Reconception of the Young Jewish Woman in American Popular Culture during the 1970s” (Ingrid Anderson)

Will Edmonstone: “Plantation America: the US South and the Caribbean in the Literary Culture of Empire, 1898-1959” (Louis Chude-Sokei)



Jessica S. Samuel: “From Virgin Land to Virgin Islands: Conserving ‘America’s Paradise’” (Julian Go)

Aaron Ahlstrom: “Revitalizing Forests: Multiple Management and the Evolving Landscapes of Massachusetts’s State Forests and Parks, 1891-1941” (Keith Morgan)

Mariah Gruner: “”…Has Ever Been the Appropriate Occupation of Woman”: Crafting Femininity in American Women’s Decorative Needlework, 1820 to 1920″ (Ross Barrett)

Emma Thomas: “Art Against Docility Visual Culture and Imperialism in Late Nineteenth-Century Hawai’i” (William Moore)



P.J. Carlino: “Docile by Design: Commercial Furniture and the Education of American Bodies 1840-1920” (William Moore)

Samuel R. Palfreyman: “The Landscape of Modern Mormonism: Understanding the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Through it’s Twentieth-Century Architecture” (William Moore)

Kate Viens: “‘To Try the Speed’: Adventures in the Development of Massachusetts Railroads, 1826-1850” (Sarah Phillips)