American Conversations Series

Our annual lecture series featuring scholars from around the country.


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Elizabeth Reis, “Bodies in Doubt: An American History of Intersex”

Louisa Wood Ruby, “Collecting Dutch Art in Colonial America”

Ashley Mears, “Size Zero High-End Ethnic: The Production of Culture in Fashion Modeling Markets”


Robert Chodat, “No Things But in Ideas: Philosophy and 20th Century American Fiction”

Richard Candee, “Researching Russell Cheney (1881-1945): Sex, Alcohol, and Yankee Modernism”

Masse Ndiaye and Chris Walsh, “Against Exchange: Africa’s America, America’s Africa”


Warren Belasco, “Meals to Come”

Mary Louise Kete, “’Our Nig’: The Surprising Narrative of a White Boy Indentured to a Black Family In 1820s New Hampshire”

Edward S. Cooke, Jr., “Musings on Material Culture in South Asia”


Adrian Pablé and Radoslaw Dylewski, “The New England Dialect in Historical Perspective: The Use and Utility of ‘Colloquial’ Documents”

Martha Hodes, “The Sea Captain’s Wife: Reflections on Writing a True Story of Love, Race and War in the Nineteenth Century”

Cheryl Boots, “Singing and Shouting: Music and Rhetoric in Antebellum Civil Rights Activism”

Bryan Waterman, “Looking for Elizabeth Whitman”

Jon Vogels, “Searching for the ‘Really Real’: Authenticity and Direct Cinema”

Violet Showers Johnson, “Cricket, Tea Parties, and Crispus Attucks Day: Negotiating Identity and Culture in Boston’s West Indian Community, 1910-1950”

Chris Walsh, “Cowardice”