AMNESP Graduate-Undergraduate Mentorship Program

Begun in 2014, the Graduate-Undergraduate Mentorship Program pairs each interested AMNESP major and minor with an AMNESP graduate student. Grad students serve as both colleagues and mentors, offering undergrads a chance to discuss anything from course selection to research ideas to future career options.

The Mentorship Program also holds social events for mentors and mentees, including brown bag lunches and various off-campus events. The Program also offers workshops for undergrads on a range of topics. Past workshops have focused on research strategies and applying to graduate school.

The ultimate goal of the Program is to create a collegial environment in which AMNESP undergraduate and graduate students can serve as resources for each other.

If you are interested in participating in the Mentorship Program (whether you want to be paired with a mentor, or simply want to hear more about our workshops), email AMNESP graduate student Maddie Webster.