AMNESP Learning Outcomes

Undergraduate Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge of the U.S. experience – from a historical and cultural perspective and with an awareness of the global context.
  • Utilize an interdisciplinary approach in advancing an original argument,interpretation, or critique, within the field of American Studies.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in researching a suitably broad range of sources – both primary and secondary – and analyze them appropriately within the relevant disciplinary discourse.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in both written and oral presentations that reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the field.

Preservation Studies Program Learning Outcomes

  • In process of being developed.

Doctoral Program Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate the ability to develop and coherently define one’s own interdisciplinary field of inquiry within American Studies and attain mastery of this subject matter as well as command of the broader theoretical and methodological approaches in the discipline overall.
  • Make an original and significant contribution that advances knowledge in the field while also offering a synthesis of existing scholarship and to do so in a timely fashion.
  • Show a commitment to professional development at the highest levels of academia through engagement in professional societies, publication, and other scholarly activities.
  • Be able to mentor students and to teach the discipline at the undergraduate level.