Mary Snyder To Be Archives Intern at Whitney Plantation in Louisiana

AMNESP PhD student Mary Snyder will be working as the archives intern for Whitney Plantation this summer, just outside of New Orleans. The 12-week project involves building the archives and access plans for an assemblage of early 20th century records that, until recently, had been collecting dust in the historic plantation store. Mary’s work would also involve being part of the conversations around preserving/restoring the store. Executive Director Ashley Rogers aims to expand the interpretation the site beyond the period of enslavement and, of course, the first step is access to the primary sources.

Whitney Plantation is a non-profit museum dedicated to the history of slavery, situated on a historical sugar, indigo and rice plantation which operated from 1752-1975. The museum preserves over a dozen historical structures, many of which are listed on the National Register of Historic Places as the Whitney Plantation Historic District.