2015 HOPE Appreciation Brunch

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  • HOPE Participants Arriving and Ready to Celebrate!

  • Dr. Jesse Mez (Associate Director of Clinical Core) Diane Essis (Recruitment Coordinator)

  • Participants are ready to celebrate

  • BU ADC Staff

  • Eric Steinberg saying thank you

  • Raffle Items

    Thank you to Catherine Pfau Max Wallak Winegate Residences Boston Red Sox Cheese Cake Factory

  • Dr. Stern and HOPE Participants

  • BU ADC Staff Ready to Celebrate

  • Program for the Day

  • HOPE Participants Ready to Celebrate

  • Celebrating 17 Years of Participating in HOPE

  • HOPE Participants Ready to Celebrate

  • Dr. Andrew Budson, (Director of the Education Core) thanks HOPE Participant

  • Alzheimer's Disease Advocates, Thank You for Coming!

  • Dr. Qiu (BU ADC Investigator) Thanks HOPE Participant

  • Eric Steinberg (HOPE Progarms Manager) and Angela Dwyer (HOPE Administrator) Thank HOPE Particpant

  • Jane (Clinical Trail Coordinator) Thanks HOPE Participant

  • HOPE Participant ready to Celebrate

  • HOPE Participants

  • HOPE Participants

  • Meg Curtis (Advocate & Speaker)

  • Thank you for your participation!

  • HOPE Participants

  • HOPE Participants Gathering Resources

    Thank you to the Alzheimer's Association, Winegate Residences, and Senior Living Residences for providing resources.

  • BU ADC Staff Member

  • Everyone is ready to celebrate!

  • BU ADC Leaders and Managers

    Right to left: Christina DiTerlizzi, (Education Programs Manager), Dr. Neil Kowall (BU ADC Director), Andrew Budson (Education Core Director), Val Nolen (Community Action Council Leader)

  • BU ADC Core Leaders and Investigators

  • Dr. Robert Stern, (Clinical Director)

  • Val Nolen (BU ADC Community Advisory Leader)

  • Lenore Jackson Pop from the Alzheimer's Association Discuses the Importance of Research Participation

  • Dr. Neil Kowall (Director of BU ADC)

  • Thank You Juanda Drumgold (Community Action Council Member) for leading us in an excersize routine

  • Dr. Maureen O'Connor (Associate Director of the Education Core)

  • Thank you to Mr and Mrs Gay for talking about why your participate in HOPE

  • Celebrating 17 Years of Participation in HOPE

  • Question and Answer Panel

Over 200 HOPE participants, caregivers, family members, and advocates joined the Boston University Alzheimer’s Disease Center on August 17th to celebrate their participation in research.   The Health Outreach Program for the Elderly (HOPE) study, funded by the National Institute on Aging (NIA), is a long-term study of memory and aging. This study is designed to help us improve our understanding of how memory and other thinking abilities change in people as they age, evaluating persons with and without memory problems throughout their lives. The HOPE study also serves as a registry of research participants to help other researchers who are studying normal aging and Alzheimer’s disease. The results of the study provide valuable information that will assist researchers who are working toward finding causes and treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and related memory impairment.

Click here for more information about getting involved in the HOPE Study

Click here for research updates given by Dr. Neil Kowall, BU ADC Director,