Samantha Calderazzo

MD/PhD Candidate

BA Neuroscience
MS Anatomy & Neurobiology
MD/PhD Candidate
JP VA Hospital


Samantha is an MD/PhD student conducting her thesis research in the laboratories of Drs. McKee and Huber examining neuroimmunological processes of disease. She has previously studied neural connectivity, injury, and inflammation, but her current focus is understanding how adaptive immune cells affect pathology in the brains of those with post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic traumatic encephalopthy.

Research Interests

Neuroimmunology; inflammation; glial & synapse biology; neuropathology

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Selected Publications

1. Orczykowski, M., Calderazzo, SM, Shobin, E, Pessina, MA, Oblak, AL, Finklestein, SP, Kramer, BC, Mortazavi, F, Rosene, DL, and Moore, TL. “Cell Based Therapy Reduces Secondary Damage and Increases Extent of Microglial Activation Following Cortical Injury” Brain Res. 2019 Aug 15;1717:147-159. doi: 10.1016/j.brainres.2019.04.015
2. Calderazzo, SM, Busch, SE, Moore, TL, Rosene, DL, and Medalla, M. “Distribution and overlap of entorhinal, premotor, and amygdalar connections in the monkey anterior cingulate cortex” J. Comparative Neurology. 2020; 519(4). DOI:
3. Medalla, M.*, Chang, W.*, Calderazzo, SM., Go, V., Tsolias, A., Goodliffe, JW., Pathak, D., De Alba, D., Pessina, MA., Rosene, DL., Buller, B., and Moore, TL. “Treatment with mesenchymal-derived extracellular vesicles reduces injury-related pathology in pyramidal neurons of monkey perilesional ventral premotor cortex EVs reduce injury-related pathology in vPMC” J. Neuroscience. 2020; 2226(19). DOI: *Co-first Authors
4. Calderazzo, SM, Covert, M, De Alba, D, Bowley, BE, Pessina, MA, Rosene, DL, Buller, B, Medalla, M, and Moore, TL. “Neural recovery after cortical injury: Effects of MSC derived extracellular vesicles on motor circuit remodeling in rhesus monkeys” IBRO Neuroscience Reports. 2022; 13: 243-254.

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