Community Action Council

The mission of the Community Action Council (CAC) is to strengthen the ability of BU ADC staff and faculty to (1) conduct quality, inclusive research by ensuring adequate representation of African American participants in both the HOPE registry and other studies, (2) meet Education & Outreach Core goals, especially in regards to the needs and concerns of the African American community, and (3) increase community awareness of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and current treatments and lifestyle factors.

To achieve its mission, the CAC has several objectives:

  1. Advise the faculty and staff of the BU ADC on participant recruitment and retention in the HOPE research registry — the longitudinal study of normal brain aging and changes associated with Alzheimer’s disease;
  2. Propose strategies to increase research activity by HOPE registry participants and other people in Alzheimer’s disease research and related research studies;
  3. Assist the BU ADC staff and faculty to understand barriers to participation in the HOPE registry and other research studies;
  4. Advise principal investigators conducting research sponsored by the BU ADC regarding specific recruitment strategies to be inclusive of African American participants; and encourage direct interaction between researchers and the community;
  5. Recommend priorities for educational and outreach activities to foster community awareness of new research, treatment and prevention strategies for Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss; and
  6. Assist the BU ADC staff to collaborate with relevant community organizations.

Council Membership


Valerie Nolen, CAC facilitator

The Community Action Council is supported by the Administrative and Education Cores of the BU ADC and is facilitated by Valerie Nolen, staff member in the BU ADC Administrative Core, member of the Massachusetts Alzheimer’s Association Advisory Council, and Board member of the National Brain Health Initiative, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The standing members of the CAC include leaders in the greater Boston African American community, HOPE registry participants, and collaborative partners from Boston community agencies.

BU ADRC CAC members are invited to participate as indicated to present new research studies, discuss recruitment strategies, report research findings, and provide education or feedback on specific initiatives.

Due to COVID-19 all our meetings for the rest of the year will be virtual.