Alumni travel programs

Our Alumni Traveling Program—known as the Traveling Terriers—offers a unique way to see the world and continue the tradition of education at the University. The program engages alumni, friends, and faculty of the University in educational and cultural tours throughout the world. For more BUAA travel information, contact the Alumni Travel Program office at

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BU alumni receive a discounted Zipcar membership for only $25 (a savings of up to $150!). Zipcar offers self-service access to cars by the hour or the day.

Cars are located in easy-to-find parking spaces in neighborhoods throughout Boston, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, and Washington, DC. It’s owning a car without the headaches and costs. Find cars near you and learn more or join.

Boston-Area Hotels

These Boston-area hotels offer special rates and discounts to the Boston University community, as well as their family and friends.