Professional Development Webinars

Our BUAA Professional Development Webinar Series showcases BU alumni, faculty, and friends offering one-hour presentations and discussions on a wide variety of topics aimed at assisting BU alumni in their lives and careers.

Upcoming Webinars

Winning with Video in Your Marketing Strategies

July 19, 2018 at 12:00pm ET
Presented by Angela Pitter (ENG ’86, MET ’93)

While the rise of video isn’t exactly a secret, it has been traditionally associated with a high barrier to entry, questionable ROI and a somewhat heavy investment in terms of time and resources. Angela Pitter (ENG ’86, MET ’93), Founder & CEO, LiveWire Collaborative, will explore the benefits of video in a broader digital marketing strategy, unique requirements for each social channel and tips for re-purposing content with useful tools!

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The Thrills (and Chills) of Self-Employment

June 26, 2018 at 12:00pm ET
Presented by Jeanne Yocum (COM ’78), Author, PR Consultant & Ghostwriter

Many people dream of one day being their own boss, and with self-employment in the U.S. growing each year, the opportunities have never been greater. But what do you need to know before you make the leap to self-employment? Jeanne Yocum (COM ’78), author of The Self-Employment Survival Guide, will break down common myths about what it’s like to be your own boss, describe the mindset you need to succeed and point out benefits of self-employment you may not have considered.

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Being Over 50 Does Not Spell the End of Your Career

June 21, 2018 at 12:00pm ET
Presented by Win Sheffield (Questrom MBA ’79), Career Coach

Looking for a way to turn questions about your age into an advantage in a job search? Career Coach Win Sheffield (Questrom MBA ’79) is ready to help you navigate the unique challenges and opportunities that come with a career campaign at the age of 50 and beyond. Learn how to find opportunities that see experience has a distinct advantage and explore how to deal with a resume and other things that can get in the way.

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Webinars On-Demand

Previously recorded webinar presentations are made available for you to watch on your own schedule.

Avoiding the Black Hole: The Job Hunter’s Guide to Applying Online and Beating the Applicant Tracking System

Presented by Scott Singer (CAS ’93), President, Insider Career Strategies
Recorded May 15, 2018

Navigating the Digital Future – Career GPS

Presented by Dr. Paul Carlile & Christopher Sprague, Questrom School of Business
Recorded May 10, 2018

Shifting the Paradigm: Educating 100% of What it Means to be Human

Presented by Dr. Ellee Koss (CLA ’73, GRS ’76, & ’80), Co-Founder, Demolish the BOX
Recorded April 25, 2018

Everything You Need to Know about Networking on LinkedIn

Presented by Lisa Frumin (CAS ’08), Leadership and Career Coach at The Heart Alchemist, LLC
Recorded April 3, 2018

5 Steps to Make Work… Not Work!

Presented by Mark Myette (CGS ’81, COM ’83), Principal,
Recorded March 29, 2018

5 Keys to Design the Second Half of Your Life

Presented by Kelley Connors (SPH ’88), Life Coach & Communications Consultant for KC Well
Recorded March 28, 2018

Five Ways to be a Better Listener - and a Better Spouse, Employee and Friend

Presented by Alanna Shaikh (SPH ’01), Executive Coach and Aid Worker, This World Needs Brave
Recorded March 15, 2018

Planning Ahead: Creating a Successful Retirement

Presented by Jill Steinberg, Ph.D. (CAS ’72), Founder,
Recorded March 13, 2018

Kick-Start Your Career Change in Five Simple Steps

Presented by Carly Goldsmith (CAS ’97), Owner, Carly Goldsmith Coaching
Recorded Recorded March 7, 2018

C-Suite Challenge #1: Managing Difficult Personalities

Presented by Sharon O’Connor, Ed.D. (SED ’94), Founding Partner, DKS Consulting Group
Recorded March 6, 2018

7 Ideas for Workplace Health from a Silicon Valley Professional

Presented by Reena Vokoun (COM ’06), Founder, Passion Fit, LLC.
Recorded February 15, 2018

8 Ways BU Can Jump-Start Your Career

Presented by Jeff Murphy (Questrom ’06), Associate Director for Alumni Career Programs at Boston University
Recorded January 17, 2018

New Tools, New Rules for Communicating Your Way to Professional Success

Presented by Jamila Cupid, Ph.D. (CAS ’01), Business Etiquette Coach & Assistant Professor at Shippensburg University
Recorded December 5, 2017

10 Ways to Have Healthy & Happy Relationships at Work

Presented by Jamie Bronstein (CAS ’99), LCSW
Recorded November 30, 2017

Bringing Your Personal Passion into Work for Sustainable Innovation

Presented by Frank LaRusso (Questrom ’91), Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at MARS Drinks
Recorded November 16, 2017

Technology Order: How to “Zenize” Your Tech to be a Productive Work Warrior

Presented by Erika Salloux (COM ’89), Owner of Living Harmony, LLC
Recorded November 8, 2017

Lessons from the Runway: The Power of Dressing the Stars

Presented by Alexandra Nourafchan (CGS ’00, COM ’02), VIP Relations Director at Tom Ford International
Recorded October 24, 2017

Creating a Unicorn: Product Management In Tech

Presented by Lauren Fragoza (Questrom ’13), Product Manager at TripAdvisor
Recorded October 12, 2017

Boosting Your Career Confidence

Presented by Dr. Diane Kern (CAS ’76), Clinical Psychologist
Recorded September 14, 2017

Keeping it Relaxed: Managing Your Job Campaign over the Summer

Presented by Win Sheffield (Questrom MBA ’79), Speaker & Career Coach
Recorded July 11, 2017

The Heartbeat of Leadership

Presented by Rev. Dr. Brenda Buckwell (STH ’88), Founder and Director of Living Streams Flowing Water
Recorded June 21, 2017

The Respectful Leader - How Respect Drives Performance, Partnership & Profits

Presented by Gregg Ward (CFA ’82), CEO & Best-Selling Author, The Gregg Ward Group
Recorded April 19, 2017

Three Ways to Power Up Your Brand with LinkedIn

Presented by Angela Pitter (ENG ’85), Founder and CEO of LiveWire Collaborative
Recorded March 28, 2017

How to Dress for the Job You Want

Presented by Chandra Keyser (CFA ’03), designer and fashion entrepreneur
Recorded March 27, 2017

How To Write A Networking Email That People Will Respond To

Presented by Mo Chanmugham (Questrom ’99), certified coach and founder of MGC Coaching
Recorded March 22, 2017

Insider’s Perspective: Career Transition Advice from a Recruiter

Presented by Molly Richter (Questrom ’10), Senior Development Officer, Staff Development at Partners HealthCare
Recorded March 14, 2017

Planning Ahead: Creating A Successful Retirement

Presented by Jill Steinberg, Ph.D. (CAS ’72), Founder of
Recorded March 13, 2017

Above the Noise: Getting Noticed in Your Job Search

Presented by Scott Singer (CAS ’93)
Recorded March 2, 2017

How to Nail Your Next Interview

Presented by Kim Bilawchuk (SED ’03)
Recorded February 7, 2017

Eight Ways Boston University Can Jump-Start Your Career

Presented by Jeff Murphy (Questrom ’06)
Recorded January 18, 2017

The How and Why of Building Resilience for Leading in the 21st Century

Presented by Melisa Gillis (SED ’82, ’85)
Recorded on December 8, 2016

BU Industry Insiders presents Healthcare IT Interoperability: IT is Easy, Sharing is Hard

Presented by Daniel Newman, MD (Questrom MBA ’13)
Recorded on December 1, 2016

How to Flip Resistant Colleagues Into Rabid Supporters

Presented by Ephraim Schachter (Questrom ’85) of CSuite Accelerator
Recorded on November 17, 2016

How to Leverage Social Media To Develop A Personal Brand & Increase Media Exposure

Presented by Kris Ruby (COM’09) of Ruby Media Group
Recorded on November 15, 2016

Learning to Lead: Powerfully Transitioning into Management

Presented by Amber Nelson (COM ’94)
Recorded on October 20, 2016

BU Industry Insiders presents A Fully Baked Idea: The Accidental Entrepreneurs

Presented by Julie Gangong (COM ’89)
Recorded on September 15th, 2016

Reframing Stress: A ToolKit for Excelling in the Workplace

Presented by Brady Hahn (CGS’05, COM’07)
Recorded on September 8th, 2016

BU Industry Insiders presents The Art and Science of Empathy in the Healthcare Environment

Presented by Lynn Festa (SAR’88)
Recorded July 19, 2016

The Secret to Thriving at Work – A Positive Psychology Approach

Presented by Sharon O’Connor (GRS’89, SED’95)
Recorded June 14, 2016

Succeeding as an Introvert in the Extroverted World of Work

Presented by Caitlin Fairchild (Questrom’10)
Recorded May 18, 2016

What Does Your Desk Say About You? Let's Get Organized!

Presented by Marilyn Cruickshank (Questrom’91)
Recorded April 27, 2016

From East Campus to the Middle East: Higher Education, Humanitarian Action, and a Major Misunderstanding

Presented by Matthew Trevithick (CAS’08)
Recorded April 14, 2016

Social Justice Calling? NGO Work & International Education in South Asia

Presented by  Jane Schukoske (CAS’73)
Recorded April 11, 2016

Don't Let Age Discrimination Win: How to Compete with Younger Workers for Jobs

Presented by Scott Singer (CAS’93)
Recorded March 29, 2016

BU Industry Insiders presents Top Myths of Entrepreneurship

Presented by Mark Myette (CGS’81, COM’83)
Recorded March 17, 2016

Being Heard: How to Capture Attention, Stand Out and Move Your Career Forward

Presented by Linda Popky (COM’81, Questrom MBA’86)
Recorded March 9, 2016

BU Industry Insiders presents The 8 Step Roadmap to Lead Generation

Presented by Dina Shapiro (Questrom MBA’91)
Recorded March 8, 2016

When Networking is NOT Working: How to Build Real Connections and Responsive Networks

Presented by Désirée H. Young (ENG’95)
Recorded March 3, 2016

Write What You Mean, Get What You Want: Copywriting Tips for Office Communication

Presented by Nicki Krawczyk (COM’01), copywriter, copy coach, and founder of
Recorded February 24, 2016

Working with Difficult People

Presented by Gregg Ward (CFA ’82), Author and Consultant
Recorded December 8, 2015

BU Industry Insiders presents Technology: The Magic Bullet for Healthcare’s Problems?

Presented by Scott MacLean (Questrom MBA ’98), Deputy CIO and Director of IS Operations for Partners HealthCare
Recorded December 2, 2015

Getting Down to Details: Contract Basics for Non Lawyers

Presented by Callan Stein Esq. (LAW’07), litigation attorney at Donoghue Barrett & Singal
Recorded November 10, 2015

The Job Search for Experienced Alumni: Your Message and How You Can Communicate It

Presented by Sam Pease (Questrom ’75), Managing Director & Senior Consultant for New Directions
Recorded October 28, 2015

BU Industry Insiders presents Change Management and Emotional Intelligence: Lessons Learned in Consulting

Presented by Melisa Gillis (SED ’82, ’85), Founder & President of Gillis Consulting
Recorded October 7, 2015

BU Industry Insiders presents Real Estate and the Rise of the Property Management Entrepreneur

Presented by Nicholas Apostal (CAS’98) and Lauren Hundman (Questrom’08), founders of Chicago’s Owl Management, LLC
Recorded September 16, 2015

How to Speak TED: Conveying Ideas & Inspiring Action

Presented by John J. Brady, SED ’93, ’95, Founder and Principal of Protem Partners
Recorded September 24, 2015

BU Industry Insiders presents: The Supply Chain of the Future

Presented by Booma Yandava (MET’01), management consultant at KPMG
Recorded July 15, 2015

BU Industry Insiders presents Cognitive Computing: The Next Revolution in Data Analytics and Knowledge Management

Presented by Judith Hurwitz (CAS’73, COM’75), president and chief executive officer of Hurwitz & Associates, LLC
Recorded July 1, 2015

Eight Tips and Traps of Networking When Job Searching

Presented by: Johanna Rothman ENG’85, Founder of Rothman Consulting Group
Recorded May 13, 2015

The Art of the Elevator Pitch: How to Rise to the Top and Not Get Stopped

Presented by: Désirée Young (ENG’95), founder of VentureWalk Business Partners, LLC
Recorded April 22, 2015

Ask a Career Coach Q&A Session

Presented by: Carly Goldsmith (CAS’97), Carly Goldsmith Coaching
Recorded March 19, 2015

From Wantrapreneur to Entrepreneur...Do You Have What It Takes to Chart Your Own Course?

Presented by: Mark Myette (CAS’83, COM’83), area developer and coach for The Entrepreneur’s Source
Recorded March 19, 2015

Win-Win Negotiating: Proven Techniques to Achieve a Desirable Business Outcome

Presented by: Lisa Renee Pomerantz (LAW’79)
Recorded February 25, 2015

Due Diligence: Lessons learned from a Serial Healthcare Entrepreneur

Presented by: Eugene D. Hill III (GSM’80), chairman and managing partner of SV Life Sciences
Recorded December 10, 2014

Effective Communications for Women in Business: Navigating Your Top Three Communication Traps

Presented by: Amber D. Nelson (COM’94), president of Lingo Consulting, Inc.
Recorded November 19, 2014

Are Your Employees ‘All In’ for You and Your Company to Win Big?

Presented by: Marla Grant, Esq. (LAW’03), executive consultant, Coach, & Speaker
Recorded October 29, 2014

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall: Am I An Entrepreneur At All?

Presented by: Daniel Negroni (Questrom’87), founder, chief executive officer of launchbox
Recorded September 24, 2014

Creatives are No Longer the Rock Stars of Marketing

Presented by: Laura Mete Frizzell (Questrom’91, GSM ’04), senior vice president media services at 360i
Recorded June 25, 2014

3 Secrets to Getting Hired on LinkedIn

Presented by: Joshua Waldman (Questrom’06), chief executive officer and founder, Career Enlightenment
Recorded June 4, 2014

Find a Career You Love

Presented by: Colleen DelVecchio (CAS’92), career expert and director of alumnae engagement for Smith College
Recorded April 23, 2014

Why Twitter Matters for your Business Development Strategy

Presented by: Anita O’Malley (CGS’81, COM ‘83), chief executive officer of Perspectiv3
Recorded March 19, 2014

Kick-Start Your Career Change in Five Simple Steps

Presented by Carly Goldsmith (CAS’97), owner of Carly Goldsmith Coaching
Recorded January 14, 2014

Planning Ahead: Find out why so many retired people are saying,'These are the Best Years of my Life'

Presented by Jill Steinberg, Ph.D. (CAS’72), clinical psychologist, professor emeritus at San Jose State University and founder of
Recorded December 11, 2013

How to Build and Leverage a Powerful Boston University Network on LinkedIn

Presented by Dan Green (CAS’93), global solutions account executive at LinkedIn
Recorded November 13, 2013

Reinventing Your Career and Expanding Your Options

Presented by John Brady (SED’93, ’95), founder and executive director at Protem Partners
Recorded October 30, 2013