Worth the risk: Small acts of bravery to grow resilience

Recorded: April 4, 2024

Being brave in uncertain times can seem like an impossible task. Courage as we know it is often misconstrued as big, grand gestures, and risk is seen as something to avoid. Yet, the science of human development reveals that we can build cumulative courage bit by bit, through strategic risk taking that helps us to gain confidence and live a full, meaningful life. This webinar will help you learn to “microdose” small acts of bravery to help overcome fear, anxiety, and unwanted thought and behavioral patterns. Learn to take small steps that lead to big impact for you and those you influence.

In this webinar, you’ll discover ways to reimagine courage, learn tools to understand and regulate your emotions, and apply evidence-based strategies to integrate within your various personal and professional roles.


Dr. Kristen Lee (SSW’00)
Best-selling author and Behavioral Science Teaching Professor