Posted February 2024

They say that love knows no bounds, and these three international couples are proving that saying to be true. Miles from home, many BU alumni found communities of friends during their time on Comm. Ave, and a lucky few also found their partners for life. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, three alumni couples share their love stories and advice for the rest of their Terrier family.

Joe Fan (CAS’10) and Lauren Song (GRS’10) – Hong Kong

Joe and Lauren have been married for seven years, but their love story started nearly fifteen years ago at a BU Economics networking dinner. Joe was in the BA/MA program, and Lauren was working on her master’s. The two instantly clicked.

“It felt like we could talk about virtually anything!” said Joe.

After going to a BU Men’s Hockey game together, the young couple knew they were in love. Since then, they’ve grown their relationship by traveling, working out, and achieving their goals together. They continue to stay involved with the BU community and participated in the Asian Alumni Forum in Shenzhen last year. The couple said that they hope the BU alumni can stay close together, and they look forward to seeing everyone at the next alumni event.

Dr. Niwut Juntavee (SDM’90, ’91, ’95) and Dr. Apa Juntavee (SDM’91) – Bangkok

This Terrier couple has been together for 38 years and counting! Niwut and Apa first met as undergraduates at Chiang Mai University, but their relationship grew as they studied dentistry together at BU. Niwut and Apa chased their dreams and reached their career goals side by side, but they said their relationship would not be so terrific without all the love from their BU family. As members of the BU Alumni Network in Thailand, the two continue giving back to their alma mater. Niwut has given special lectures to graduate students at the Henry M. School of Dental Medicine, and the two have helped facilitate collaborations in dental education between BU professors and students in Thailand.

What makes their marriage so successful?

“Love will always be in the air [when you] share your daily happiness, sorrow, forgiveness, and truthfulness” they said.

Yage Meng (Questrom’15) and Kan Xu (SHA’15) – Shanghai

Yage and Kan met for the first time on BU’s South Campus, but neither had thought anything of it. It wasn’t until a few years after graduation, when they were connected by a mutual friend and fellow BU alum Qing Du (Questrom’15), that their love story began. They found a shared love of singing, watching mystery shows, and collecting figurines. The two have been married for three years now, and over 70 percent of the guests at their wedding were also BU alums! Their advice to other members of the BU community looking for love:

“Being true to yourself and understanding your own needs is crucial. Never forget to BE YOU… And hey, to all the grads, remember that your fellow alumni can be a great way to stumble into love.”