It’s time for us to explore the power of creating a dynamic marketing plan for your crowdfunding campaign. We’re here to empower you with insights and tips to ensure your crowdfunding journey is as successful as it is fulfilling.

Utilize the Crowdfunding Content Calendar to plan out all your content

Unveiling the essence of a marketing plan

Imagine your marketing plan as a roadmap – a guiding document that outlines the strategy for how you’ll share your project, engage your audience, and drive support. Your marketing plan is a commitment to communicating your project’s value and potential impact.

1. Define Your Goals and Audience

Start by setting clear goals. What do you aim to achieve through your crowdfunding campaign? Your goals will shape your marketing strategy. Then, identify your target audience. Use the network mapping doc to build out your audience.

2. Craft your message

Your campaign’s messaging should be concise and compelling. Articulate what makes your project unique, why it matters, and how backers can get involved. Create a compelling Call to Action (CTA) that you can base your marketing content around.

A CTA = belief statement + you statement + opportunity statement

Example: The Newbury Center is raising funds for the Professional Clothing Closet

Belief statement: We believe that all students should have access to professional clothing at no cost to them.

You statement: You can help make a tangible impact on the professional journey of a BU student by supporting the closet.

Opportunity statement: Will you join us on this mission of providing students access?

3. Choose your channels

Think of the channels you’ll use to reach your audience – social media, email, texting, phone calls, and more. Remember, authenticity is key to creating an organic connection.

4. Plan a timeline

Developing a schedule for your content helps keep your outreach on track. Outline when you’ll launch your campaign, when and where you’ll share updates, and when you’ll push for that final push of support. This builds excitement and keeps your audience engaged.

5. Showcase your progress

Transparency is a cornerstone of crowdfunding. Sharing your project’s progress and milestones with your audience helps to keep them involved with your project. You use some of the crowdfunding update templates to craft your posts.

In essence, a marketing plan is your strategic compass, guiding your crowdfunding project toward success. Connect with your audience, share your vision, and engage your community – just as you would every day.