Posted April 2023

Whether you’re entering a new chapter of your professional life or planning for retirement, you’ve got options and we’re here to support you along your journey. Listen to BU alumni advice and insight through these on-demand webinars:

Reinventing your career

Johanna Rothman (ENG’85) provides insight on how to push past your comfort zone and embrace career reinvention from start to finish.

Age is not a barrier to success

For professionals over the age of 50, Win Sheffield (Questrom’79) is here to help you manage an effective career campaign that capitalizes on your experience. Learn about different strategies for overcoming age discrimination in the workplace. Sheffield also offers perspective on how to stay up-to-date on new technologies, building your professional network, and finding alternative career pathways.

Unlocking a meaningful second half of your life

Looking to create a meaningful second half of your life? Hear from health coach Kelley Connors (SPH’88) as she provides insights on how to create a new framework for new thinking, mindfulness, collaboration, and more.

How to make retirement the best years of your life

If you’re interested in creating a successful retirement plan, Jill Steinberg (CAS’72) has the answers you’re looking for. Learn how to achieve your retirement goals and remain active in activities you enjoy.

Job searching as a seasoned professional

Sam Pease (Questrom’75) shares tips and tricks for job seekers with experience. Focusing on what talents you bring to the table, Pease highlights the importance of building a strong digital presence as well as necessary interviewing skills.

Contending with age discrimination

Unfortunately, age discrimination still persists in today’s job market. Scott Singer (CAS’93) discusses how ageism shows up in the workplace, and how you can find success in the career marketplace despite the obstacles.

It’s common to feel like what you do for work is inextricably tied to your identity, which can make embracing periods of transition difficult. But as a member of the Terrier community, you never have to walk the path of career transition alone. Join over 20,000 Terriers to network, share mutual interests, and find mentorship opportunities on BU Connects—BU’s exclusive personal and professional networking platform for faculty, staff, students, and alumni.

If you are retired, connect with other Terrier retirees on the new Society of Terrier Alumni Retirees (STAR) network on BU Connects.