After months of Zoom meetings and social distancing, people are slowly making their way back into their pre-pandemic routine. And for many, this task can be pretty overwhelming. After all, so much time has been spent apart—even just seeing co-workers in person can be an adjustment. However, there are simple steps you can take to work past some of the pandemic fatigue and anxiety.

Plan ahead

One effective way to help you ease back into your routine is to plan ahead. Planning when to meet up with friends or family as well as scheduling time for yourself can help with the transition. Incorporating outdoor breaks throughout the day or preparing what you’ll wear to work the night before are small things that can help you feel ready to re-enter society and work by your colleagues once more. And if you are struggling with communicating with others during this time, check out this webinar by Shakira Brown (COM’95) on powerful communication strategies.

Having a course of action if you come into contact with someone who tests positive can also help you feel prepared and ready to take on this “new normal.” Taking COVID-19 tests, getting vaccinated, and wearing masks are all helpful steps in making sure that you and those around you stay safe.

Set boundaries

One important thing to remember is that everyone’s boundaries are different. Some have resumed eating out while others have stayed in a pre-defined bubble. Knowing where your own boundaries lie and maintaining those rules for yourself can help you deal with stress. These boundaries may change with each situation, but making sure that you communicate and prioritize your limits can help you to avoid uncomfortable or potentially unsafe situations.

And remember, meeting virtually is always an easy option! Setting up Zoom meetings or virtual coffee chats are great ways to meet new people. And if you’re looking to expand your network of fellow Terriers, the BU Connects platform is a great way to do so. Exclusively for BU alumni, students, staff, and faculty, the BU Connect app is a helpful tool to meet new friends or find opportunities from anywhere in the world.

Use events to break the ice

If you are comfortable going out with more people, look for themed events in your area. Having an activity to do while meeting new people or getting together with old friends can always help to break the ice and smooth the transition back to pre-COVID times. If you’re in Boston, join us on February 26, 2022, for the biggest hockey game of the season as the Terriers take on the Boston College Eagles. Agganis Arena requires proof of vaccination to enter, so you can have a bit more ease of mind when interacting with fellow BU Hockey fans.

If you’re not feeling up to in-person experiences just yet, join us for an online networking event. We offer everything from New York morning coffee sessions to Sustainability Industry happy hours.

Take it one day at a time

Lastly, one of the best things you can do to help manage is to take it one day at a time. It will take us all a bit of adjusting, so don’t be afraid to go slowly. For some more helpful tips, Kim Bilawchuk’s (Wheelock’03) discussion on how to recharge in uncertain times or these scientific ways of battling winter blues can help you refocus and reconnect with others through COVID uncertainty.

Overall just remember to breathe and go easy on yourself as you enter back into the world.