What is BU Giving Day?

Posted March 2021 | Updated January 2024

Boston University Giving Day, April 3, 2024, is a one-day, online fundraising drive. On #BUGivingDay, alumni, parents, students, faculty and staff, and friends from all over the world come together to give back and celebrate what they care about at BU. Whether you’re a fan of club sports, an admirer of BU’s sustainability efforts, a friend to first-generation students, or an eager supporter of another group, there’s a BU community that is grateful for your gift. P.S. 100% of your gift goes to the fund you choose!

This year is BU’s 10th Giving Day! And we’re celebrating it in a big way. On Giving Day, every gift makes an even bigger impact than it normally would. How? Well, thanks to a group of generous donors who help match gifts, every Giving Day donation helps earn bonus funds for BU schools and colleges, teams, and programs. There are also special one-time hourly challenges that give areas at BU the chance to earn additional matching funds. Whether you compete for the “power hour challenge” or the “early morning challenge”—your chosen fund has multiple opportunities throughout the day to earn additional cash.

In 2023, more than 12,000 donors made gifts to 400+ different causes and programs, totaling $3.8 million in support of BU. A truly amazing feat! This year, we need your help once again. Every social media post, text, or email you send helps spread the word about #BUGivingDay, and ultimately helps raise critical funds for the schools, colleges, departments, teams, clubs, and causes that make you Proud to BU. Get involved today by signing up to be a BU Giving Day Ambassador. Sign up by March 20, 2024 and we’ll send you a BU swag bag to help you raise awareness for the big day.

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