Environmental impact of COVID-19: Sustainable energy, climate, and societal shifts

As the world marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, no one could have foreseen the gravity of our current climate crisis – or how a once-in-a-generation global pandemic would be part of the conversation. How will COVID-19 impact renewable energy growth and climate policy, and what potential exists for enduring climate benefits from our unplanned social experiment?

Join Peter Fox-Penner, Director of BU’s Institute for Sustainable Energy (ISE), and ISE Senior Fellow, Phil Warburg, for their expert insights and outlooks.

Phil Warburg will begin with an exploration of the potential lasting changes in the American approach to work, travel and family life. He will also discuss their energy implications, including prospects for reducing carbon emissions through broader, more equitable access to locally produced renewable energy. Peter Fox-Penner will then share his perspective on the short- and long-term energy sector trends to watch, including economy-driven demand reductions, sustained momentum for clean energy initiatives, effects of lower oil and gas prices on renewables, and supply chain disruptions.

After their presentations, both Phil Warburg and Peter Fox-Penner take questions from the audience.