Extraordinary times call for extraordinary responses. And the Dean of Students’ Student Life Emergency Fund, though created in more ordinary times than these, is one such response.

In the past, this fund has helped students with everything from a quick replacement for a stolen laptop to an unexpected trip home for a family emergency. Today, with the global disruption caused by COVID-19, more students than ever before face urgent needs. Some had to leave campus in a rush without essential school supplies; others may have struggled because of travel restrictions; still others may have to deal with a parent’s job loss by seeking new support for their education, housing, or even food.

The Student Life Emergency Fund has spent about $30,000 annually in previous years. This year, because of COVID-19, we will have to do much more.

How you can help

Your gift in any amount to the Student Life Emergency Fund will help students today. Simply put, there may be no other fund at BU that offers such powerful and immediate support.

Help students now