The how and why of building resilience for leading in the 21st century

Are you feeling increasing pressure demanding you to lead in new ways in an ever-changing environment? You’re not alone! Shift is happening, toward a knowledge-based workforce, multiple generations working shoulder to shoulder, change happening at an ever-increasing pace, and a world described as VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous). Many leaders are curious to learn new strategies to help navigate this complex “New Normal”.

Drawing from recent brain and body research, Polarity Management, and Presence Based Leadership, we will explore how leaders can create a reservoir of resilience and learn new skills/approaches to prepare for and address challenges that emerge from a variety of internal and external stimuli. We’ll discuss lessons learned from coaching and consulting to identify how we as leaders can improve our use of self through building resilience and increasing our ability to be present and effective in all areas of life.

Presented by Melisa Gillis (Wheelock ’82, ’85), Founder and President of Gillis Consulting.

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