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Vote for Rhett 2012

You face a critical decision in 2012. You care about your shoes. You care about your garbage being contained in the proper place. And you care about clean grassy areas.

Rhett does too.

With all the Bad Dogs out there, make sure you make the right choice this election season.

Rhett: The Experienced Candidate
Rhett was born on November 15, 1922. With 630 dog years under his belt, Rhett knows the issues through and through.

And he has the respect of the people. A national celebrity, Rhett has been seen on ESPN, CBS, CNN, and NESN. Rhett was named an All American mascot in 1996 and placed 4th in the National Mascot Championships in 2002.

He has gone head to head in a series of debates with the BC Eagle and the U. of Maine Black Bear and emerged the clear winner, as the other candidates flip-flopped their wings and ate blueberries. In these debates, Rhett has proven his intricate knowledge of foreign policy, the economy, and the value of a top-notch education like the one he fervently supports at Boston University.

A Champion of the Working Dog
Rhett will champion the working dog. Born of immigrant parents, Rhett comes from a long line of rat catchers who were employed in garment factories. Rhett truly values hard work, and will always get his paws dirty for what he believes in.

Rhett’s Plan
Running on the Terrier Platform, Rhett espouses the altruistic ideals that Boston University was founded on. With your support, Rhett vows to:

  • Provide access to a Boston University education for all deserving Terriers.
  • Constantly pursue excellence at BU, so Terriers can have the best tools to go out and make a true difference in the world.
  • Grow a unified BU community, hundreds of thousands strong, of students, alumni, professors, staff, and friends that, together, will better the world.
  • Stabilize the cost of milk bones and Beggin Strips by encouraging domestic production.

The time has never been more critical to support these causes. Vote Rhett in 2012!

Rhett won’t roll over when it comes to supporting Boston University.

Support Rhett TODAY using the form below!

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