Various edibles that have been comunicated by HFI patients to the BU-HFI laboratory over the years
Candy it contains ONLY glucose Pixie Stix
Dairy Plain yogurt ONLY
Fruits fresh Rhubarb ONLY
Fruits fresh Lemons ONLY
Fruits fresh Limes ONLY
Fruits Guamachiles A Mexican fruit from a tropical leguminous tree, White Sapote
Fruits fresh Pitayas ONLY Dragon fruit, a Mexican fruit from a cactus
Gum must say that it is sweetened with xylitol
Sweeteners Sucralose (Splenda)
Sweeteners Corn Syrup SOLIDS
Sweeteners Dextrose ALONE
Vegetables leafy green vegetables ONLY
Other foods: These appear that they should be safe, but they have been communicated by HFI patients to the BU-HFI laboratory over the years as NON-EDIBLE!!
Fruit nuts
Legumes peanuts
Other Natural flavorings are fruit juices. Anything that says "natural flavoring" is questionable
Other Anything labeled "sugar free" needs to be checked. For example, sorbitol is not legally defined as a sugar, but it is often used as a sweetener, and in the body it is easily converted to fructose, which is deadly
Vegetable Onions
Vegetable peppers