HFI Laboratory at Boston University

About Our HFI Support Group

Although many people suffer from Hereditary Fructose Intolerance, it is considered a rare disorder so there are minimal resources available for HFI patients. We have created an interactive HFI support group so that people suffering from HFI can post messages on anything from how they cope with HFI to special diets that they follow.

Other support groups also exist, although they also contain information from those who suffer from a benign intolerance to sugar, fructose malabsorption, or other items that may or may not be applicable to HFI.

Other stories from those with HFI are now being posted on our HFI Stories page.

Below are links for the HFI support group. If you or your children/grandchildren have been diagnosed with HFI and you can provide a medical record of diagnosis, you may apply for user login and password to post messages to the group. Otherwise feel free to browse messages that have been posted by others.

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  • A login and password is required in order to post messages to this forum. Click to apply for access. In addition to being diagnosed with HFI, you must read and accept our disclaimer before filling out application form.
  • If you already have a password, click to post a message.