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AGNI 62 Table of Contents (2005)

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The geographer’s colors. Homages to Saul Bellow and Elizabeth Bishop, a roving interview with Edward Hoagland, as well as the sharply drawn fictional worlds of Gania Barlow, Xujun Eberlein, Mary O’Donoghue, Tova Reich, Tom Whalen, and Nicholas Montemarano. Poems by Matt Donovan, Paula Closson Buck, Eamon Grennan, and others complement the vigorous book collages of Maureen Mullarkey.


Author Title
Barlow, Gania Clytemnestra
Whalen, Tom Conversations with Godard
Reich, Tova Dedicated to the Dead
O’Donoghue, Mary Motocross
Eberlein, Xujun Pivot Point
Montemarano, Nicholas Poster Child
Ducornet, Rikki The Wild Child


Author Title
Ronda, Margaret Always an End
Cording, Robert April, Peepers, Flaubert, and Springsteen
Hearon, Todd Banjo
Tillinghast, Richard Big Doors
Wagoner, David Blind Instinct
Archila, William Bury This Pig
Donovan, Matt Charlie Chaplin Dug Up & Ransomed: A Prayer
Bishop, Elizabeth Crusoe in England
Grennan, Eamon Edge
Bernard, April from Concerning Romanticism (As Picture Postcard, On Thanks, Heart or Head Canard, Underneath)
Chang, Leslie from In the Language of Here and Now
Goedicke, Patricia From the Book of Small Animals
Wagoner, David The Heart of the Forest
Dunn, Stephen My Ghost
Piazza, Jessica Notoriety Among the Small & Wild
Buck, Paula Closson Report from My Own Backyard
Buck, Paula Closson Report from the Aftermath
Buck, Paula Closson Report from the Compound
Leight, Peter Resistance
Donovan, Matt Saint Catherine in an O: A Song About Knives
Donovan, Matt The Scabbard of Limbs Means Flesh
Donovan, Matt Second Pilgrimage, Rodeo Nites
Dunn, Stephen The Soul’s Agents
Hearon, Todd South Carolina
Grennan, Eamon Speed of Trees
Leavitt, Erik Tycho Brache: Astronomy
Grennan, Eamon When
Larsen, Lance The World’s Lap
Richer, Ted A Writer’s Writer


Author Title
Birkerts, Sven As Above: Saul Bellow
Chiasson, Dan One Kind of Everything
Comer, Diane The Ore of Longing
Burris, Sidney Past Reason Hunted, or Living with Sonnet 129
Melnyczuk, Askold Shadowboxing: An Open Letter to My Students About Captain Violin, Saul Bellow, the War, and the Art of Fiction
Mullarkey, Maureen Transubstantiations


Author Title
Myers, Jason The Essay as Jazz, Butterfly, Knuckleball: An Interview with Edward Hoagland
Doyle, Brian The Essay as Jazz, Butterfly, Knuckleball: An Interview with Edward Hoagland

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