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AGNI 4 Table of Contents (1975)


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Author Title
Ligi, Gary The Ants
Eluard, Paul The Arrival of the Voyagers (translated from the French by Ira Sadoff )
Frost, Carol As You Might Claim Love
Lense, Edward Birdseed
Kiplinger, Janet Blind
Schaeffer, Susan Fromberg Cat
Burke, France Cat Bartholomew Day
Klappert, Peter The Cat Lover
Kessler, Stephen A Champagne Brunch
Hewitt, Geof Chopsticks
Armstrong, Jean Coin of the Realm
Defrees, Madeline The Day You Were Leaving
Schwartz, Howard Death Display
Stahl, W.M. Death in the Spicerack
Applewhite, James Desire
Britt, Alan Eaton, and Other Industries
Lerner, Linda Empty Spaces
Klappert, Peter Enrichissez Vous
Schwartz, Howard An Experiment
Schaeffer, Susan Fromberg Hunting Season
Dischell, Stuart Indolence
Johnson, Thomas Inside the Wind
Cramer, Steven A Letter After a Letter
Defrees, Madeline Moving
Morris, Herbert Nights of Summer
Dischell, Stuart Nude Drying Herself in Front of the Fireplace
Armstrong, Jean On Barbie’s Departure
Schaeffer, Susan Fromberg Party
Defrees, Madeline Poem in Answer to a Birthday Card with Photograph of Cedar Waxwings
Schwartz, Howard Scenario
Johnson, Thomas Separation
Dischell, Stuart The Shoe or Woman With Black Stockings
Kiplinger, Janet Storm Watch
Galvin, James Take Utah
Britt, Alan A Thorough Examination after reading a few poems by James Wright
Eluard, Paul Time to Hush Up (translated from the French by Ira Sadoff )
Schwartz, Howard The Traitor
Eluard, Paul The Two Everything (translated from the French by Ira Sadoff )
Klappert, Peter Variegations
Kessler, Stephen Vinegar Running South
Johnson, Thomas When I Take Your Hands
Connell, Kim When the Screaming Ceases
Armstrong, Jean Widow
Defrees, Madeline Woman with Coiled Braids
Britt, Alan Work Day

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