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AGNI 37 Table of Contents (1993)

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“Stand on the verge” with us and dive into AGNI 37. In the words of Teresa Iverson, “the imagination is an airy element,” and the short, buoyant poems of this issue keep it afloat as our reader swims from one experience to the next. This issue offers “Standing on the Verge,” a refreshing series of work by emerging poets and Massachusetts artists including Claudia Rankine, Kevin Young, and Elizabeth Alexander. AGNI 37  features Carl Little’s interview with James Schuyler, Edwin Honig’s haunting prose, as well as work by Carl Phillips, Victoria Nelson, Albert Goldbarth, Ha Jin, Natasha Tretheway, Bruce Smith, Paja Faudree, Gale Nelson, and many more.


Author Title
Kaplan, Hester Claude Comes and Goes
Perriere, D.M. De La Occupational Marks and Other Signs
Domini, John Senior Transfer
Wohlfeld, Valerie The Sugar Tooth
Honig, Edwin The Wall and the Stream


Author Title
Basheva, Miriana * * * (translated from the Bulgarian by Lisa Sapinkopf and Georgi Belev)
Berlind, Bruce 4. Chopcock, from Five Verse Memoirs
Millis, Christopher The Alzheimer’s Monkeys
Black, Sophie Cabot Among the Divided Lilles
Gonet, Jill And Other Fantasy Lovers
Pelensky, Olga Anastasia Anna Anna
Faudree, Paja Awake
Phillips, Carl Becoming Miss Holiday
Stein, Michael Between Patients
Gladding, Jody Blue Willow
Barresi, Dorothy Called Up: Tinker to Evers to Chance
Mullen, Laura The Castle
Moore, Richard The Cinder
Young, Kevin Clyde Peeling’s Reptiland in Allenwood, Pennsylvania
Moore, Lenard D. Collards
Davis, Christopher Commencement Ode
Davis, Christopher A Costume Straitjacket’s Black Sleeve in Armoire Shadows
Ryan, Gregory A. Dea Pet Poem
Traxler, Patricia Death of a Distant In-law
Revell, Donald Death to Santa Foy
Trethewey, Natasha Drapery Factory, Gulfport, Mississippi 1956
Roberts, Len Easy to Say, Easy to Say
Hallawell, Susan Eigth Grade Acrostic
Rhodes, Martha Elegy
Young, Kevin Everywhere Is Out of Town
Sasanov, Catherine Excitement, The Need For
Goldbarth, Albert Fang
Roberts, Len First Prarie Winter
Bland, James Five Verses
Johnson, Trasi Flight of the Blind Bird
Alexander, Elizabeth Four rounds from Narrative: Ali: 6., 8. Training, 10. Rumble in the Jungle, 11.
Braschi, Giannina from Empire of Dreams (translated from the Spanish by Tess O'Dwyer)
Mullen, Harryette from Muse and Drudge: 1-6
Agudelo, Dario Jaramillo Frusos (translated from the Spanish by Don Share)
Adams, Maureen Gatherings
Bowen, Kevin Gelatin Factory
Dischell, Stuart The Genius
Levinson, Miriam Geology, Summer 1983
Iverson, Teresa Giant Sequoia
Anderson, Alice Girl Cadaver
Joseph, Allison Good Humor
Szporluk, Larissa Good-bye
Berger, Jacqueline Grandfather
Hyett, Barbara Helfgott Gray Bat
Faiz, Faiz Ahmed Heart’s Companion (translated from the Urdu by Andrew McCord)
Smith, Bruce Hostile Witness
Mullen, Laura House
Strange, Sharan How to Teach Them
Adams, Maureen Hunt in Couples
Jin, Ha I Woke Up—Smiling
Szporluk, Larissa Ideogram
Davis, Christopher If You Love Something, Let It Go
Glancy, Gabrielle In Visible Light
Gladding, Jody Indian Paint
Joseph, Allison The Inner Life
Marcus, Peter The Insomniac’s Pet Shop
Zabuzhko, Oksana An Ironic Nocturne (translated from the Ukrainian by Michael M. Naydan)
Iverson, Teresa Kaleidoscope
Faudree, Paja Lefty
Zabuzhko, Oksana Letter from a Summer Home (translated from the Ukrainian by Michael M. Naydan)
Kemp, Arnold J. Like Sabines
Dent, Tory Listen
Harrison, Jeffrey Lord, Deliver Us from This Affliction
Phillips, Carl A Mathematics of Breathing
Smith, Bruce Mercy
Gerov, Alexander Mice (translated from the Bulgarian by Lisa Sapinkopf and Georgi Belev)
Citino, David A Modern History of California
Collins, Martha More
Agudelo, Dario Jaramillo The Mortagulos (translated from the Spanish by Don Share)
Martin, Charles Casey Mother’s Third Husband
Lewis, Lisa My Students
Trethewey, Natasha Naola Beauty Academy, New Orleans, Louisiana 1943
Shepherd, Reginald Nijinsky’s Winter Afternoon, With Faun
Nelson, Gale Ode
Inez, Colette The Old Man, Bereaved, Peces Upstairs in a Jumble of Rooms
Millis, Christopher On Hearing About the Disappearance of Frogs
Cooke, Thomas One Rose
Rankine, Claudia Plain Talk
Dent, Tory Poem for a Poem
Morris, Daniel Poem Written in the Logic of Late Capitalism
deNiord, Chard The Police
Frank, Edwin Potrait
Keen, Suzanne from A Psalter: psalms 4, 7, 8
Warner, Gale Reading Plato
Hyett, Barbara Helfgott Roseate Tern
Smith, Bruce Scenes from a Puppet Play
Keithley, George The Sea
Ralin, Radoi Seduced and Abandoned (translated from the Bulgarian by Lisa Sapinkopf and Georgi Belev)
Kanchev, Nikolai Seventh Heaven Can Be Seen at First Glance (translated from the Bulgarian by Lisa Sapinkopf and Georgi Belev)
Gladding, Jody Silver Queen
Elman, Richard Smoker
Strange, Sharan Snow
Cafagna, Marcus Something Faithful
Ganev, Nedelcho The Soul (translated from the Bulgarian by Lisa Sapinkopf and Georgi Belev)
Rees, Elizabeth Sounding Fields
Goldstein, Laurence The Sports Complex
Jackson, Reuben Steps
Rupchev, Georgi Still Life (translated from the Bulgarian by Lisa Sapinkopf and Georgi Belev)
Hallawell, Susan Testimony of the Female Serial Killer
Beatty, Paul That’s Not in My Job Description
Bannister, Ellen Timid Family
Marcus, Peter To Hear the Chorus Sing
Filkins, Peter Traveling in America
Gladding, Jody Uncle
Rewakowicz, Maria Untitled (translated from the Ukrainian by Paul Pines)
Barrett, Ed Vermont House
Kleinschmidt, Edward Veronica
Cafagna, Marcus The Way He Breaks
Stein, Michael The Way We Love
Black, Sophie Cabot Your Mouth Near My House


Author Title
Melnyczuk, Askold James Laughlin, Poet
Nelson, Victoria Messages of Black Birds
Melnyczuk, Hanna On the Verge: Emerging Massachusetts Artists
Lease, Joseph Start from Where You Are
Ellis, Thomas Sayers Windows, Open Homes, A Sense of Community


Author Title
Little, Carl An Interview with James Schuyler


Author Title
Anderson, Scott Glyn Maxwell’s Out of the Rain

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