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AGNI Poetry by Year

The links below take you to an index of all poetry published in each given year:

2018 Poetry

Author Title Published
Balcewicz, Marta Bonnie Parker’s Photoshoot
Balcewicz, Marta Natasha Writes Back
Black, Ralph Autumn Rain
Black, Ralph Comparative Study
Bursky, Rick My Father Is Still Dead
Carlson-Wee, Kai Freddy Krueger
Carroll, Willa Chorus of Excisions
Carroll, Willa Requiem for a Millennium
Charleston, Cortney Lamar Dissplacement
Charleston, Cortney Lamar Etymology of Hoochie Mama
Davis, Carol Ann Spring Indigo
deNiord, Chard The Lake
DeWoskin, Rachel Without
Edmunds, Martin African Funeral, Anjou
Edmunds, Martin Perfect Match
Kwon Dobbs, Jennifer from How to Eat Your Love
Lavers, Michael Field Work
Lycurgus, Cate Backfire
Mazur, Gail Josef Albers
Meek, Sandra Still Life with Judas Goats
Meek, Sandra Still Life with Zodiac Boat
McCord, Kyle I Consider My Father’s Brain Scan as Jazz Measure
McCord, Kyle My Father Considers His Brain Scan as Lunar Disaster
Nezhukumatathil, Aimee Naming the Heartbeats
Nezhukumatathil, Aimee On Listening to Your Teacher Take Attendance
Peseroff, Joyce Egg
Rekdal, Paisley Four Marys
Smith, Bruce Concussion Protocol
Tierney, Brian Preamble with Pilgrimage Inside
Tierney, Brian Rorschach #1
Tsvetaeva, Marina Sunrise on the Rails (translated from the Russian by Eugene Serebryany)
Wardrop, Daneen different room
Woolfitt, William 2005: The Alleghenies Laid Bare
Woolfitt, William Blue Goose Hollow

2017 Poetry

Author Title Published
Ahmed, Dilruba The Feast
Ahmed, Dilruba Choke
Akbar, Kaveh God
Archila, William Saturn’s Country
Balakian, Peter Walking the Ruined City
Barber, David The Study of Butterflies
Baumel, Judith Gueule de Bois
Beasley, Bruce Bloodworm Baltimore French Fry
Bensen, Robert Before You Know It
Berry, Ciaran Glossolalia
Berry, Ciaran Twister
Buchinger, Mary An Afternoon with Doña Amelia
Carlsen, Ioanna A Poem Called Baroque
Chang, Victoria Obit [“Control. . . .”]
Chang, Victoria Obit [“Optimism. . . .”]
Chavatel, Caroline Hartford Circus Fire (Post-Elegy for Light)
Chavatel, Caroline Womandream
Cohen, Bruce Costumes
D’Abate, Richard Rudolph’s Tears
Dąbrowski, Tadeusz Sarajevo, (translated from the Polish by Antonia Lloyd-Jones)
Elkort, Alicia, and Jennifer Givhan A Small Metamorphosis or The Power of Seeing
Elkort, Alicia, and Jennifer Givhan One by One
Fried, Philip The Quantum Mechanics of Everyday Life
Hoffman, Richard Departure
Hoffman, Richard Hurricane
Hoffman, Richard O
Jenkins, Brett Elizabeth Horses Explain Things to Me
Kalamaras, George After Reading Jim Harrison’s “After Reading Takahashi”
Kiesselbach, Dore Winter Documentary
Kirchwey, Karl Mutabor: Speedlooker
Klahr, Sophie Driving Through Utah, Listening to the Radio
Koester, Brian Jerrold Bossa Nova
Leithauser, Hailey I Shall Name the Worms
Lea, Sydney Here at Summer’s End
Llompart, Cecilia Bat (in Winter)
Llompart, Cecilia Bat (in Autumn)
Lorca, Federico García Bells for the Dead (translated from the Spanish by Sarah Arvio)
Lorca, Federico García [The mown field] (translated from the Spanish by Sarah Arvio)
Malboeuf, Jennie Strawberry Moon
McDonough, Jill Crying in the Cab Away from You
McPherson, Sandra Popcorn
Melnicove, Mark Where I Came From
Moffett, Rosalie Concussion Sequel
Morton, Matt Elegy for My Brother in the Wilderness
Mulvey, Bern Dog Days
Polonskaya, Anzhelina To the Ashes (translated from the Russian by Andrew Wachtel)
Rojas, Andres From the Lost Letters to Matias Perez, Aeronaut
Rojas, Andres Blücher, Arendt, a Wildland Fire 
Rybicki, John While She Sleeps
Shankar, Ravi The Melancholy of Shadows at Dawn
Shankar, Ravi The Utopian
Shapero, Natalie Magpie
Shapero, Natalie You Heard It Here First
Skrande, Eva Eulogy for the Gladioli
Skrande, Eva Fisherman
Smith, Maggie Bear
Smith, Maggie Walking the Dog
Smith, Maggie Wild
Sneeden, Ralph Elegy: Letter to My Wife’s Grandfather
Tandon, Jason Having Forgotten to Put Out Fresh Towels, I Run Naked and Wet to the Bedroom
Tandon, Jason I Looked Up to See
Thomson, Jeffrey The Country Western Poem
Veach, Cindy Dear Francis Cabot Lowell
Warren, Noah Jetty
Wenthe, William “Love Is Blue”
Williams-Noren, Carolyn At 3 a.m. the Night I Heard You Died
Winter, Kathleen Parthenon Marbles
Wojahn, David Still Life: Stevens’s Wallet on a Key West Hotel Dresser

2016 Poetry

Author Title Published
Bachmann, Ingeborg Roman Night Tableau (translated from the German by Kai Maristed)
Bachmann, Ingeborg A Sort of Loss (translated from the German by Kai Maristed)
Bachmann, Ingeborg Your Words (translated from the German by Kai Maristed)
Beeder, Amy Among Us
Biagini, Elisa from Watering the Plant of Dreaming (translated from the Italian by Wallis Wilde-Menozzi)
Bond, Bruce Eye
Bonnefoy, Yves At the Dawn of Time (translated from the French by Hoyt Rogers)
Bonnefoy, Yves The Low Door (translated from the French by Hoyt Rogers)
Campion, Peter After Sappho: The Drill
Capista, Joseph J. Kid Happens
Capista, Joseph J. Telescope
Carlsen, Ioanna Giacometti, Nine Figures
Carlson-Wee, Anders Soft Hunting
Cassells, Cyrus Elegy with a Gold Cradle
Celan, Paul Cologne, Am Hof (translated from the German by Kai Maristed)
Celan, Paul In Egypt (translated from the German by Kai Maristed)
Chang, Victoria Barbie Chang Should Have Seen
Clark, George David Pale Lieutenant at the Empire Ball
Cohen, Andrea After
Cohen, Andrea Establishing Shot
Cohen, Andrea Everything
Cohen, Andrea Pain and Suffering
Cohen, Andrea Smoke Signals
Cotler, Zachary from Yss of Li
Cummins, James Ode to a Mockingbird
Daniel, David Limestone and Rain
Davis, Carol Ann And a Red Mouth
Dischell, Stuart Questions for the Mariner
Dischell, Stuart Translation from the Origins of Time
Duff, Valerie Wild Nights
Elerath, Dara The Museum: Ashtray
Elerath, Dara The Museum: Woman with Apple
Gewanter, David The Coin Purse
Gewirtz, Julian Recuerdo
Grae, Tanya Lethe
Grae, Tanya Mating Season
Grasser, J. P. Stumbling on Clair de Lune
Haji, Golan To Ruwa Riché (translated from the Arabic by Marilyn Hacker)
Haji, Golan To Mohammed Samy al-Kayâlli (translated from the Arabic by Marilyn Hacker)
Haji, Golan To Raed Naqshabandi (translated from the Arabic by Marilyn Hacker)
Haji, Golan To Aras Bengo (translated from the Arabic by Marilyn Hacker)
Helfgott Hyett, Barbara The Summer My Mother Said She Was Going to Drown Herself
Hodgen, John Measure for Measure
Huybrechts, Johan At the Grave
Huybrechts, Johan Plaice
Kalogeris, George Wittgenstein
Kinsella, John Blackbirds and Blake’s Illustrations to Dante’s Purgatory, Canto 1
Kolbe, Laura Imagining Marriage, #52
Kozma, Andrew Ode to the Dying Moth
Kozma, Andrew Ode to the Molting Cicada
Kraushaar, Mark Officer Crowley
Kraushaar, Mark Top Hat, 1935
Kronen, Steve The Angels
Kronen, Steve Maker of Bowls
Kronen, Steve The Horses of Achilles
Laidlaw, Brian The Reckoning Reasoning
Landrum, Matthew The Road to Santa Clara
Lea, Sydney Some Postures to the Rock
Leithauser, Hailey Fat Worm
Leithauser, Hailey Northern Wind
Lemon, Alex from Or Beauty
Mandelstam, Osip Impressionism (translated from the Russian by Svetlana Lavochkina)
Mandelstam, Osip Moscow Drizzle (translated from the Russian by Svetlana Lavochkina)
Mandelstam, Osip Untitled (translated from the Russian by Svetlana Lavochkina)
Moore, Jim The Problem
Moore, Jim Say Forty-Eight Years Have Passed
Naimon, David The Four Auricles
Nazarene, Robert Ghazni
Parmenter, Chad The Summer Peepers Couldn't Be the Sources of Their Chorus
Pascoli, Giovanni The Rooted Oar (translated from the Italian by Taije Silverman and Marina Della Putta Johnston)
Pascoli, Giovanni The Swallows (translated from the Italian by Taije Silverman and Marina Della Putta Johnston)
Perchik, Simon * (“From here, a train . . .”)
Perchik, Simon * (“Still, it’s gone . . .”)
Polonskaya, Anzhelina War in You and in Me (translated from the Russian by Andrew Watchel)
Rees, Elizabeth At First
Rees, Elizabeth Signed Out
Reiter, Thomas The Coconut-Water Man
Roeder, Jessica Pastoral
Roeder, Jessica Refraction and Its Ordinary Material
Ruescher, Scott Dedication
Sappho 1 (translated from the Greek by Christopher Childers)
Sappho 2 (translated from the Greek by Christopher Childers)
Sappho 31 (translated from the Greek by Christopher Childers)
Sappho 34 (translated from the Greek by Christopher Childers)
sax, sam Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Smith, Jordan The Fall
Stanford, Eleanor Centralia
Stanford, Eleanor With J., Discussing Grammar in the Anarchist Coffee Shop, West Philadelphia
Starbuck, Kathryn I Fell Asleep among the Horses
Stuart, Anne Dyer Inheritance
Sugarman, Yerra from “Lullabies for the Dead”
Tal, Yi Falling Blossoms (translated from the Korean by Ian Haight and T’ae-yong Hŏ)
Tal, Yi River Journey (translated from the Korean by Ian Haight and T’ae-yong Hŏ)
Thayer, Casey Bawlmer Crabs
Thayer, Casey An Anatomical Study Concerning the North American Whitetail
Twichell, Chase First Boyfriend
van de Graaf, Kara The Doubles
van de Graaf, Kara Lower Animals
Viren, Sarah Adding One
Viren, Sarah Catharsis with Mildred Pierce
Weinstein, Eric An Apparatus for Receiving or Transmitting
Weinstein, Eric Little Harmonic Labyrinth
Zamora, Javier Montage with Mangos, Volcano, and Flooded Streets
Zarin, Cynthia Conversazione
Zarin, Cynthia from Orbit

2015 Poetry

Author Title Published
Andrews, Nin Confession 1
Andrews, Nin Confession 12
Barber, Sarah There’s Not a Lot of Work for Sideways Man
Benjulian, Jayne Ode to a South Window
Benjulian, Jayne Vidalia
Buchinger, Mary Daylight, Muscle Rippling
Buchinger, Mary Poppy Field
Burrell, Elijah Tonight, I Wish I Were a Dirt Dauber
Burrell, Elijah Word Search
Cappello, Pierluigi Poor Words (translated from the Italian by Todd Portnowitz)
Cappello, Pierluigi September (translated from the Italian by Todd Portnowitz)
Cassells, Cyrus Frederico’s Querencia
Cassells, Cyrus The Pines of the Villa Pamphili
Cooley, Peter Villanelle
Countryman, Liz You Are in a Lake
Courtright, Nick Chapel
D’Abate, Richard The Foot of the First Violinist
D’Abate, Richard The Sadness of Young Mothers
Davis, William Virgil After
Dietz, Maggie Lullaby
Dietz, Maggie November
deNiord, Chard The Mystical Body
deNiord, Chard Poetry
Givhan, Jennifer Prayer for the Child I Keep Losing
Graber, Kathleen Beginner’s Mind
Graber, Kathleen New Year
Guinzio, Carolyn The Moving Walkway Is Ending
Hartwig, Julia The Force and the Sweetness (translated from the Polish by John and Bogdana Carpenter)
Hartwig, Julia THERE WERE TIMES for Suffering (translated from the Polish by John and Bogdana Carpenter)
Hawkins, J. Todd Baptist Town
Hicok, Bob If I had merely said, She is good, would you have listened?
Hicok, Bob Tough-guy talk
Holmes, Elizabeth Domestic
Holmes, Elizabeth Red-Tails’ Nest
Homolka, Michael Goshen
Homolka, Michael Second Goshen
Hooper, Patricia Next Summer’s Garden
Hooper, Patricia Winter Move
Jones, Richard At the Carnavalet and the Cognacq-J
Jones, Richard Christ in the Garden of Olives
Journey, Anna Habitual
Kiesselbach, Dore Real Estate
Kiesselbach, Dore Rotation
Kinsella, John The Ghosts in My Eye at Mizen Head
Kraushaar, Mark 581 Bed B, Remembering Mark Fisher
Kraushaar, Mark Kittling Drug and Sundries
Kunz, Edgar Natick
Kunz, Edgar Window Washers
Levine, Arden Offering
Marchant, Fred Attic Stairs
Mazur, Gail Philip Guston
McCord, Kyle Pentimento
McCord, Kyle Self-Portrait at Twenty-Eight in Iberia
McDonough, Jill Today
McDonough, Jill What’s New
McGlynn, Karyna Tennessee Wedding on VHS
Meredith, Chelsie Holding the small, blue comb, I use it to style the few hairs hanging on my great-grandfather’s head. He takes away the comb.
Mulvey, Bern Cape Air
Narayanan, Vivek from Une Cave, Une Caverne, Un Trou . . . 
Phifer-Byrne, Kasey Erin 6th Annual Women’s Tree-Climbing Workshop
Phillips, Emilia Stopping at Texaco a Year After My Brother’s Death
Phillips, Emilia The Wind Lends a Voice To a Mountain Laurel Above Pretty Polly’s Grave
Potter, Carol Ode to Smoke
Powell, Jim The Moon in the Family Tree
Powell, Jim The Test
Romeyn, Laura Specimen
Rybicki, John The Heart in the Snow
Saba, Umberto Trieste (translated from the Italian by Paula Bohince)
Samaras, Nicholas The Invented Man
Silano, Martha It was how a sentence
Smith, Matthew Buckley Briar and Rose
Smith, Matthew Buckley Posterity
Ulku, Alpay Seagull Eating a Crayfish Alive
Ulku, Alpay The Tethys Sea
Vaiciunaite, Judita Vilnius.Archeology (translated from the Lithuanian by Rimas Uzgiris)
Wallace, Sara Ritalin
Warren, Noah Automatic Pool Cleaner
Warren, Noah Helsingaar
Weinstein, Eric Dead Star Warps Its Partner’s Light
Wells, Jonathan The Future Is Your Friend
Wickersham, Joan from Vasa Pieces
Wilde-Menozzi, Wallis Watermarks
Williamson, Alan Poems of Summer
Williamson, Corrie Bringing Home the Bull
Williamson, Corrie Hay Cutting
Williamson, Corrie Love Song of the Barred Owl
Winter, Kathleen Garden Party Reprise
Witte, John The Geese Return
Witte, John Oh Well
Yu, Josephine Prayer to St. Joseph: For the Restless

2014 Poetry

Author Title Published
Baggott, Julianna Burial Instructions—Abject & Fuming
Balakian, Peter Slum Drummers, Nairobi
Bardes, Charles Distortions on Boorde 1
Bardes, Charles Distortions on Boorde 2
Bardes, Charles Distortions on Caius
Barizo, J. Mae The Killing Time
Black, Rebecca Arana Gulch
Black, Rebecca The Bear
Black, Ryan Why Bother?
Bray, Tara Nests I
Buchinger, Mary and today Proust paints distance
Buchinger, Mary How Precise, Joy and Melancholy
Callimachus Epigram 34 (translated from the Ancient Greek by Christopher Childers)
Cernuda, Luis The Family (translated from the Spanish by Stephen Kessler)
Cheney, Colin Desire
Curdy, Averill The Doubtful Place
Day, Meg Ghazal for Finally Leaving What Has Already Left
Flynn, Nick Beads of Sweat
Funkhouser, Erica Circling
Gautier, Théophile The Nereids (translated from the French by Karl Kirchwey)
Harrison, Jeffrey The Same Father
Harrison, Jeffrey Shooting a Slingshot With My Father
Hooper, Patricia Blacksnake
Hooper, Patricia A Long Marriage
Horace Ode 1.38 (translated from the Latin by Christopher Childers)
Horace Ode 3.13 (translated from the Latin by Christopher Childers)
Houle, Adam Confessio Inimicus
Houle, Adam A Paper Hive Earns No Quarter
Huntington, Cynthia Horse
Kapur, Kirun Girls Girls Girls
Kinsella, John Forensics of Wheatbelt Silo Design
Kinsella, John Pier Pug
Kledzik, M. J. Flowering Bitterroot
Kraushaar, Mark Matinee
Langemak, Elizabeth A Photograph of Her Showering
Levin, Phillis Blessing in Disguise
Levin, Phillis To an Ash on a Crackling Log
Lleshanaku, Luljeta Small-Town Stations (translated from the Albanian by Ani Gjika)
Louis, Laura Glen M
Louis, Laura Glen V
McDonough, Jill Offices
McDonough, Jill Snow Drones
McGrath, Leslie Mumblety Peg
Nordgren, Sarah Rose At the Crystal Palace, London
Nordgren, Sarah Rose Mother, Pressed
Northrop, Kate Community Pool / Love Poem
Northrop, Kate The Field the Drive-In Was In
Parmenter, Chad "You loved the tragedy factory of me. . ."
Perchik, Simon "Slowly this coral. . ."
Perchik, Simon "Without the map you make a turn. . ."
Prufer, Kevin Giving It Back
Prufer, Kevin Monkey Lab
Pruyn, Cassie Lost Love Lounge
Pruyn, Cassie Maine Morning, Age 5
Rees, Elizabeth As I Kissed Frankie on the Mouth
Rees, Elizabeth Women Around the Table
Remington, Rebekah November Diary
Remington, Rebekah Soul
Rock, Martin Poem for the Unknown
Rock, Martin Portrait of a Sixteenth-Century Etching of the Body
Rosenfeld, Austen Natural Disaster
Ruescher, Scott Anthem
Salamun, Tomaz The Psalmist Talking (translated from the Slovenian by Michael Thomas Taren and the author)
Salamun, Tomaz Zone B (translated from the Slovenian by Michael Thomas Taren and the author)
Shipers, Carrie My Father’s Poison
Sneeden, Ralph Contrapunctus (#1)
Sneeden, Ralph The Narrows: Lake George, 1969
Spece, Joseph Kitchen
Svenvold, Mark Song (of the Pharmaceutical) of the Song
Tierney, Brian Grieving, Sidpa Bardo
Virgil from The Aeneid (translated from the Latin by David Ferry)
Van Winckel, Nance Tidings, Good Ones
Van Winckel, Nance A Walk Among the Yachts
Zurita, Raúl 1973 (translated from the Spanish by Ilan Stavans)
Zurita, Raúl Heaven Reject (translated from the Spanish by Ilan Stavans)

2013 Poetry

Author Title Published
Balakian, Peter Near the Border
Bar-Nadav, Hadara Ladder
Bar-Nadav, Hadara Fountain
Bell, Elana Elegy for a Mother, Still Living
Bell, Elana “My wall with eyes of stones . . .”
Bell, Elana What Else God Wanted (reprinted from the collection Eyes, Stones)
Black, Malachi That the Bones That Thou Hast Broken May Rejoice
Bonnefoy, Yves Large Shadows (translated from the French by Hoyt Rogers)
Cavallaro, Brittany Folly
Cavallaro, Brittany Forever
Chen, Ken Category Sex, or An Essay on the Label Machine
Chen, Ken Intimate Democracy Is Seeing the Back of Your Head
Cramer, Steven Neoplatonic
Dąbrowski, Tadeusz “Outside the window falls the rain.” (translated from the Polish by Antonia Lloyd-Jones)
Dąbrowski, Tadeusz “Why does that particular . . .” (translated from the Polish by Antonia Lloyd-Jones)
Davis, Carol Ann Waiting for the Hummingbird
deNiord, Chard Serpent, Witness, Cinematographer
Flanagan, Deborah The Fast Friendship of Voltaire and the King of Prussia
Flanagan, Deborah Karl Lagerfeld Meets Voltaire and the King of Prussia in the Hallway
Friebert, Stuart Tucotuco
Funkhouser, Erica Art and Grandchild
Funkhouser, Erica Dear John
Funkhouser, Erica Landscape in Ink
Funkhouser, Erica Porches, Twin Cities
Graber, Kathleen After Wang Wei
Green, Melissa Leda, Later
Hall, James Allen At the Table
Hix, H. L. At first I didn’t see the contours of the problem.
Huybrechts, Johan A Portrait of the Artist as an Old Fox
Irwin, Mark Evening
Irwin, Mark A Tiny Cage,
Joyce, Michael apricots
Joyce, Michael on waking
Kearney, Meg Ode to the Parrot
Kearney, Meg Partridge: Paradise Lost
Kiesselbach, Dore Catafalque
Lea, Sydney How to Sort It
Leithauser, Hailey Brass Knuckles
Leithauser, Hailey Crowbar
Levin, Dana Lady Xoc
Looney, George The Importance of the Right Punctuation
Maia, Circe Vermeer (translated from the Spanish by Jesse Lee Kercheval)
Malanga, Gerard I. L. Salomon, poet & translator.
Malanga, Gerard Nusch Eluard, 1906–1946.
Mandelstam, Osip “Cold prickles my scalp” (translated from the Russian by Deborah Marshall and Douglas Penick)
Mandelstam, Osip “No, never” (translated from the Russian by Deborah Marshall and Douglas Penick)
Mayes, Edward When We Found the Rete
Mazur, Gail Où Sont les Neiges d’Antan
Mazur, Gail To the Charles River
Mazur, Gail To the Women of My Family (reprinted from the collection Figures in a Landscape)
McDonough, Jill Miltown
Moffett, Rosalie In the Country, I Found a Knit of Branches in a Cave Shape
Moffett, Rosalie The Summer of the Collies
Moldaw, Carol Myodesopsia
Mulvey, Bern Ex
Mulvey, Bern Knuckleheads
Nakahara, Chuya Lost Hope (translated from the Japanese by Christian Nagle)
Neely, Mark Look at the skate park sideways
Neely, Mark Solomon’s Wisdom Didn’t Keep
Nemser, Paul Meeting You After Chernobyl
Nystrom, Debra What They Believed
Perrine, Jennifer A Theory of Violence
Perrine, Jennifer You Made Me an Offer I Could Not Refuse
Peseroff, Joyce Nymphs of Kezar Lake
Platow, Beth Woodcome A Little Death in the World
Platow, Beth Woodcome The New Life
Purkert, Ben Caged Words in a Couple
Ramspeck, Doug Coda: Journey
Ramspeck, Doug Meditation and Form
Schlaifer, Stephanie Ellis Des Peres (Zoological Fantasy)
Smith, Claire Sylvester The Rule of Chambers
Smith, Jordan One Too Many Samurai Movies
Starbuck, Kathryn Longing and Dreading
Swann, Brian Song of the Scythe
Thomson, Jeffrey New Faces of Belfast
Thomsen, Søren Ulrik The best is slowly dropping to sleep (translated from the Danish by Susanna Nied)
Thomsen, Søren Ulrik One windy evening in September (translated from the Danish by Susanna Nied)
Van Landingham, Corey The Making of a Prophet
Venclova, Tomas Between the Landwehr Canal and the Spree (translated from the Lithuanian by Rimas Uzgiris)
Venclova, Tomas La Baigneuse (translated from the Lithuanian by Rimas Uzgiris)
Welch, David The Riverbed
Wrenn, Greg To a Nashi Pear

2012 Poetry

Author Title Published
Alexander, Keith from The Book of Treatments
Bar-Nadav, Hadara Lamb
Beasley, Sandra "It Is No Secret Here"
Beasley, Sandra "The Strictest Order Must Be Preserved"
Beasley, Sandra "The People Begin to Understand"
Beeder, Amy Ovid on the Poor Economy of Overgrazing
Beeder, Amy "Prodigious fine land, but subjects to wets and unhealthiness"
Berry, Ciaran At Nero’s Circus
Berry, Ciaran Mutiny
Berry, Lauren The Death of Patience
Berry, Lauren A Father Wonders at a Boy Not Made of Ivory
Bonnefoy, Yves Learned Libraries (translated from the French by Hoyt Rogers)
Bonnefoy, Yves More on the Invention of Drawing (translated from the French by Hoyt Rogers)
Buchinger, Mary “The Subject Is a Long One”
Chang, Victoria “The boss is a no-fly zone unless the boss misses numbers poorly performs”
Clausen, Jan Pantoum on a Theme from Ginsberg
Coffel, Scott The Davy Safety Lamp
Cooper, Wyn How Silent the Trees
Cooper, Wyn My Idea
Croxford, Judith Duties
Davidson, Chad The Minor Castles of Ireland
Davis, Carol Ann After 32 Weeks
Day, Adam “Here are the children, tall as knee-high grass . . .”
Day, Adam “The bishop moves like a bass drum . . .”
DeDeo, Simon Adam’s Apostrophe to Eve
deNiord, Chard Macanudo
Dop, Gary Digital Killed the Video Store
du Bouchet, André Air (translated from the French by Hoyt Rogers)
du Bouchet, André Alphabet Fire (translated from the French by Hoyt Rogers)
du Bouchet, André I See Almost Nothing (translated from the French by Hoyt Rogers)
Dubrow, Jehanne Eros and Psyche
Elkins, Ansel Coffin Bone
Goldensohn, Barry Fugitive’s Night Song
Grennan, Eamon Silence
Grennan, Eamon Workshop World
Grimes, Sophie Frustration Translation
Hamby, Barbara 17 Dollars
Hamby, Barbara Ode to Wasting Time and Drawing Donatello's David
Haufs, Rolf Empty Lot (translated from the German by Christopher Middleton)
Haufs, Rolf Harz (translated from the German by Christopher Middleton)
Haufs, Rolf The Rescue (translated from the German by Christopher Middleton)
Haufs, Rolf Time (translated from the German by Christopher Middleton)
Haufs, Rolf Traveling (translated from the German by Christopher Middleton)
Haufs, Rolf Urban Greenbelt (translated from the German by Christopher Middleton)
Haufs, Rolf Was Not the Right Stuff for Their Wars (translated from the German by Christopher Middleton)
Hazelton, Rebecca Book of Forget
Hazelton, Rebecca Book of Memory
Hicok, Bob A definition
Hicok, Bob A poem of place
Hicok, Bob Torn
Howe, Susan Elizabeth Hey-day
Hudgins, Andrew Bess
Joyce, Michael The simple power of grace
Kort, Susanne Famished
Kort, Susanne Toilets
Krolow, Karl Free Fall (translated from the Polish by Stuart Friebert)
Le, Jenna A Radiologist’s Ghazal
Lea, Sydney When the Light Fails
Lebo, Kate Overwintering
Lisowski, Krzysztof A Certain Anthem (translated from the German by Ewa Hryniewicz-Yarbrough)
Lisowski, Krzysztof Epitaph for a Cat (translated from the German by Ewa Hryniewicz-Yarbrough)
Lockwood, Patricia The Hatfields and McCoys
Majmudar, Amit Are You Hungry?
Majmudar, Amit The Enduring Appeal of the Western Canon
Mandelstam, Osip “In the yard at night . . .” (translated from the Russian by Eugene Serebryany)
Mandelstam, Osip “Heaviness, tenderness . . .” (translated from the Russian by Eugene Serebryany)
McDonough, Jill Coffee for Everyone
McNair, Wesley The Button
Meek, Sandra Bryce
Melnicove, Mark After Carver
Nienow, Matthew Backing Out
Nienow, Matthew Center of Effort
Oerke, Andrew H. Archie Said Love Should Not Mean But Be
Olds, Sharon The Last Hour
Pascoli, Giovanni When It Was Winter (translated from the Italian by Taije Silverman)
Perchik, Simon *
Phillips, Emilia Entra Tutto
Poch, John In the Backyard after the Dust Storm, Meditating on Paradise
Powell, Alison Imagining Heaven
Rubin, Stan Sanvel In This Space
Rubin, Stan Sanvel My Apology from the World
Taylor, Sam Madagascar
Tobin, Daniel Go Blind
Vešović, Marko The Hilt (translated from the Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian/Montenegrin by Zvonimir Radeljković)
Vešović, Marko A Woman’s Blouse (translated from the Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian/Montenegrin by Omer Hadžiselimović)
Voisine, Connie R.I.P.
Wagoner, David Some Reflections
Wickes, Helen Dowser’s Apprentice
Wojahn, David My Father's Soul Departing
Wojahn, David Ode to FOXP2
Wojahn, David Timeshare, Florida

2011 Poetry

Author Title Published
Aleixandre, Vicente Face Behind the Window (translated from the Spanish by Stephen Kessler)
Alexie, Sherman Steel Anniversary
Amdahl, Gary Variation on a Theme by Sor Juana (with Raquel Rodriguez Cruz)
Beeder, Amy Pandemic Sings the Muse
Beer, Nicky Béla on the Shore, 1955
Black, Sophie Cabot Afterlife
Black, Sophie Cabot When It Comes
Blair, David Poem about Pittsburgh Houses
Blair, David Twin Pines Milk Crate
Bond, Bruce Elegy for the Spanish Republic
Borowicz, Karina Dog Adrift: Poland, January 2010
Borowicz, Karina My People
Brunk, Juanita Family Talk
Cader, Teresa Aesop's Crows
Cader, Teresa The Alley of Our Childhood
Celan, Paul Shakespeare’s Sonnet 5 (translated from the German by Paul Franz)
Cohen, Bruce Never Mind
Cohen, Bruce Rilke Said I and I and Meant Anybody
Davis, Carol Ann I Sat in My Little Boat
Davis, Carol Ann Talking to Milosz
Davis, William Virgil The Difference between Art and Artifice
Davis, William Virgil An Early November Meditation
Ducey, Kevin Ewigkeit
Franklin, Russ Attic Space
Friebert, Stuart Christmas Dinner
Friebert, Stuart Quarter Horse Curse
Gerstler, Amy It Was a Splendid Mind
Hall, Donald Envy
Hall, Donald The Number
Hegnauer, Lilah Egg Topper
Hodgen, John Dog Chained to Radiator in Abandoned Apartment
Hodgen, John Upon Reading that a Noisy Cloth Factory Separated the Family Homes of Sandro Botticelli and Amerigo Vespucci
Hoffman, Richard Good Boy
Hoffman, Richard Inventory
Hopper, Ailish

15 1/2

Horace Satire i.1 (translated from the Latin by David Ferry)
Kalogeris, George Heads of the Hydra
Kalogeris, George The Source of the Styx
Kapur, Kirun Anthem
Kirkpatrick, Patricia The Fields
Lea, Sydney Milton’s Satan
Leithauser, Hailey Sex Circumspect
Leithauser, Hailey Sex Odalisque
Lockwood, Patricia The Mouth of the Anthill Is Learning to Write
McCrae, Shane and Katie Ford We Should Keep Living,
Meetze, James from Phantom Hour
Mulvey, Bern The Author, Taken By His Boss to the Baths, Receives an Instructional Brochure
Nemser, Alexander The Hotel Zion
Nemser, Alexander The Pyramid
Nemser, Alexander The Sinner’s Dialogue with God
Ochester, Ed For Britt
Ochester, Ed Goldberg Variations
Paley, Sarah Interior Soliloquy
Paley, Sarah It’s Cold on Church Hill
Pierce, Catherine Firefly
Rigsbee, David North State
Rilke, Rainer Maria Corpse-Washing (translated from the German by Len Krisak)
Rilke, Rainer Maria Quai du Rosaire: Bruges (translated from the German by Len Krisak)
Rilke, Rainer Maria from Windows (translated from the French by Susanne Petermann)
Rivard, David Townie Gossip (Since You Asked)
Rosenfeld, Austen Self-Portrait as Housewife
Ruescher, Scott Homecoming
Rutsala, Vern The Angels Among Us
Rutsala, Vern We Count on Brady
Sanguineti, Edoardo “during a rather dreary evening conversation” (translated from the Italian by Will Schutt)
Sanguineti, Edoardo “a slogan slipped” (translated from the Italian by Will Schutt)
Sanguineti, Edoardo

“what do you do” (translated from the Italian by Will Schutt)

Scates, Maxine Or
Silverman, Taije If Then
Silverman, Taije I Want This Till the End
Skinner, Knute Years Later
Sleigh, Tom Party at Marquis de Sade’s Place
Stockwell, Samn Dream
Stryk, Dan Shadows
Swann, Brian Strangeness
Trudell, Dennis A Name
Trudell, Dennis Police-Chalk Outline . . .
Wade, Elizabeth Vertigo
Wagoner, David Mouse
Wardrop, Daneen At a Time
Wardrop, Daneen Pick
Wardrop, Daneen A Race
Welch, David An Economics
White, Philip The Garden
Winter, Kathleen Hamster Thrown from Monster Truck
Witte, John Burning the Book
Witte, John Floaters
Witte, John It So

2010 Poetry

Author Title Published
Anderson, Idris A Correction
Baggott, Julianna To my Lover, Concerning the Yird-Swine
Baggott, Julianna Today, Worn and Broke’t, I Make Demands of my Lover
Baumel, Judith After the Battle of Long Island, the Battle of Pell’s Point
Berry, Simeon from Monograph
Bohince, Paula Lenox Aubade
Bohince, Paula Milkweed
Bolina, Jaswinder Course in General Linguistics
Bond, Bruce Lyonel Feininger
Borowicz, Karina The Noodle Maker’s Shop
Boutelle, Annie Caravaggio in Venice, 1591
Brunk, Juanita What Depresses Me
Campion, Peter Rome
Carelli, Anthony In Ordinary Time
Carlsen, Ioanna The Dog Hermes
Chelko, M. R. B. from The World
Davis, Carol Ann First the Meadow
Davis, Carol Ann I Have Put Your Nest Where I Can See It
Day, Adam Middle Age
deNiord, Chard Left
Dischell, Stuart Evening in the Window
Donovan, Matt Elegy with Mistakes All through It
Donovan, Matt Van Gogh’s First Sunday Sermon
Ducey, Kevin Brother Geometry
Edmunds, Martin Ocean
Esenin, Sergei “No crying, calling out, complaining . . .” (translated from the Russian by James Stotts)
Evans, Kerry James Seven Chants, A War Cry
Fountain, Carrie Father and Son at the Mesilla Valley Drive-thru Bank
Fountain, Carrie Theory of Perfection
Fu, Mo Fading Smile: A Triptych (translated from the Chinese by Michael Spence)
George, Faye Breakup
George, Faye The Swept Stoop
Glück, Michaël from Le Repos, dans la suite des jours (translated from the French by Rosanna Warren)
Goldensohn, Barry Harvest
Graber, Kathleen Angels Unawares
Green, Melissa Selections from Akeldama
Grotz, Jennifer Late Summer
Grotz, Jennifer The Needle
Gumilev, Nikolai The Giraffe (translated from the Russian by James Stotts)
Harmon, Joshua two poems from Le Spleen de Poughkeepsie
Harrison, Jeffrey On Bitching
Hellman, David Lonely Planet
Hernandez, David Everything I’m About to Tell You Actually Happened
Jackson, Major Periplum
Jackson, Major Quaff
Jones, Evan Bundesland Bavaria
Jones, Evan Cavafy in Liverpool
Kinsella, John Epiphany
Kinsella, John Pricked Fingers
Larson, Katherine Masculine/Feminine
Larson, Katherine Study for Love’s Body
Lea, Sydney Winter Poet
Leithauser, Hailey The Moon Speaks of Polar Bears
Levi, Primo Delilah (translated from the Italian by Harry Thomas and Marco Sonzogni)
Levi, Primo Samson (translated from the Italian by Harry Thomas and Marco Sonzogni)
Liu, Timothy Elegy for a Poet Whose Books I Didn’t Think Were Worth Re-reading, Not Until Now
Mash, Roy Graph Paper
Mash, Roy Self-Portrait as the Y-Axis
Mazur, Gail American Scene 1935
McPherson, Sandra Words in Dreams
Meitner, Erika The Book of Dissolution
Meitner, Erika Niagara
Middleton, Christopher Like Heart’s Desire
Mobilio, Albert Provision
Mobilio, Albert Touch Wood
Mulvey, Bern For They Are Coming
Murray, Jessica How to Eat a Lobster
Myers, Jason Hotel Orpheus
Nesset, Kirk How Deep Is the River
Northrop, Kate Cat
Northrop, Kate Private Plane
Novey, Idra If Vallejo Hadn’t Died in Paris
O’Connor, Stephen Not Yet
O’Connor, Stephen Things Just Come
Oerke, Andrew H. Ihuatzio, Mexico
Parmenter, Chad from Vivienne’s Recovery
Perchik, Simon *
Platt, Donald The Streichholzhńndler
Pollock, James Glenn Gould on the Telephone
Pollock, James Northrop Frye at Bowles Lunch
Rhodes, Martha Banana Boat
Rhodes, Martha Next Minute
Rogers, Elizabeth Lindsey Echo
Rogers, Elizabeth Lindsey The Luthier
Rogers, Hoyt The Humpbacks—Neither Nor
Simic, Charles Grandpa’s Spells
Simic, Charles In the Egyptian Wing of the Museum
Simic, Charles The Medium
Simic, Charles Men Falling Out of the Sky
Simic, Charles Past the Cemetery
Simic, Charles Solitude in Hotels
Simonides Fr. 2 FGE [Epitaph for Those Fallen at Euripus] (translated from the ancient Greek by Kelli Boyles)
Simonides Fr. 9 FGE [Epitaph for Those Fallen with Leonidas] (translated from the ancient Greek by Kelli Boyles)
Simonides Fr. 521 PMG [Being Human . . .] (translated from the ancient Greek by Kelli Boyles)
Sommer, Jason Brouhaha
Swann, Brian Hathor
Tobin, Daniel Gutter Life
Trudell, Dennis Twenty-two
Van Winkle, Ryan One Day the Will
Wenthe, William What They Made from Its Bones
Willard, Bruce Perennial
Williams, C. K. A Hundred Bones
Withiam, Scott Food, Prizes, Tours, Plastic Surgery
Wrenn, Greg First Contact
Wrenn, Greg Prayer at Ojai
Wróblewski, Grzegorz from Kopenhaga (translated from the Polish by Piotr Gwiazda)
Young, Kevin Codicil
Young, Kevin Pilgrimage

2009 Poetry

Author Title Published
Abramson, Seth Biography I
Armitage, Simon Cheeses of Nazareth
Armitage, Simon The Delegates
Armstrong, R. S. We Caught Snakes
Arthur, James Drying Out
Arthur, James Song of the Species
Barents, Kevin At the Loose Noose
Bar-Nadav, Hadara Blur
Bense, Robert Morandi
Black, Ryan At Broad Channel
Bosch, Daniel A Homecoming
Bosch, Daniel My Dog Earl
Boutelle, Annie Desert
Bradley, Nicholas What Are We Waiting For?
Brown, Arthur The Bullfrog
Brown, Arthur One-Act
Candito, Kara Andalucian Pastoral at the Grave of Ariel
Chang, Victoria Elegy with a Beaker
Chang, Victoria Pete
Cohen, Bruce Japanese Buffet
Cohen, Bruce Unofficial Life
Cooley, Peter Letters from the Dead
Dąbrowski, Tadeusz “I scanned my photograph . . .” (translated from the Polish by Antonia Lloyd-Jones)
Dąbrowski, Tadeusz “My mama asked after your death . . .” (translated from the Polish by Jennifer Carter-Zielińska)
Dąbrowski, Tadeusz “This is the first line . . .” (translated from the Polish by Jennifer Carter-Zielińska)
Dąbrowski, Tadeusz “The word apple doesn’t contain in it any truth” (translated from the Polish by Jennifer Carter-Zielińska)
Davis, Carol Ann Care
Davis, Carol Ann In the School of Empty Hands
Davis, Carol Ann Let Go
Day, Adam Combine
Dop, Gary At 78, Maurita Discovers the Waterslide
Dunn, Stephen Why
Estes, John I Foresee the Breaking of All That Is Breakable
EtShalom, Nava Nostalgia
Evans, Kerry James A Year or More
Faludy, Györgi A Belly Dancer’s Death (translated from the Hungarian by Paul Sohar)
Faludy, Györgi You Went to Sicily (translated from the Hungarian by Paul Sohar)
Forhan, Chris Why Did the Kissing Start?
Frank, Matthew Gavin After Lady with a Parasol
Friebert, Stuart Quim-Quams
Gilliland, Mary Winter in the Garden
Greene, Jeffrey Beautiful Monsters
Harris, Ian Fire Season
Harris, Ian The World Does Not Know of Us, Not Yet
Herbert, Wendy J. Narcissist’s Daughter
Hoffman, Richard Emblem 107: On Love
Hoffman, Richard Emblem 152: On Human Life
Honum, Chloë Come Back
Hooker, Eva Shadow of Two
Houle, Adam Plain Cotton Panties
Jacqmin, Hilary S. Fat Man
Jacqmin, Hilary S. The Limey
Jennings, Janet Aine and the Earl of Desmond
Jones, Richard Servants
Keizer, Garret The Last Man Who Knew Everything
Kuipers, Keetje After Another Argument I’ve Come to Regret
Lea, Sydney Slow Burn
Lipska, Ewa From Afar (translated from the Polish by Margret Grebowicz)
Lipska, Ewa Memory (translated from the Polish by Margret Grebowicz)
Livingston, Sonja Miss Zucchini Blossom
Long, Alexander Style in Slow Motion
Lunday, Robert from Paradise, Attained by Touch
Madrid, Anthony If I Am a Total Washout as a Lover (And I Am)
Madrid, Anthony The Milk One
McAlpine, Erica The Middle Way
McClanaghan, Jen Greatest Show on Earth
McCrae, Shane In the Garden of the Ghosts of the Garden
McCrae, Shane Mulatto
McKain, Mark Birding the I-5 Corridor
McKain, Mark Butterfly Count
Mills, Tyler Caroline Blue Mountain Lake
Neri, Giampiero Pseudohorse (translated from the Italian by Martha Cooley and Antonio Romani)
Oerke, Andrew H. Self-Portrait
Pau-Llosa, Ricardo Rules of the Game
Pease, Deborah The Divine Right of Caprice
Perchik, Simon    *   
Perchik, Simon    *   
Pettit, Holly The Call: Missionary Society Newsletter
Pettit, Holly Coastal Watch, the Aussie Yawned
Pippin, Stephanie Homecoming
Pippin, Stephanie Phaedra
Rawson, Eric The Peach Will Forgive Me
Rudman, Mark Owl and Flock
Šalamun, Tomaz The Blood of Libraries (translated from the Slovenian by Ana Jelnikar and Joshua Beckman)
Šalamun, Tomaz Parallel Belt (translated from the Slovenian by Joshua Beckman and the author)
Samaras, Nicholas Prologue/Afterword
Samaras, Nicholas Still Werdend
Scates, Maxine Her Rats
Scates, Maxine Residence
Scheuermann, Silke New Delights (translated from the German by Chris Michalski)
Scheuermann, Silke Whispering Villages (translated from the German by Chris Michalski)
Shankar, Ravi American Liver Mush
Shankar, Ravi Barter
Shankar, Ravi B is for Bedroom
Silano, Martha Adjacent to the way
Singleton, Sharron Three
Starbuck, Kathryn Rough Translation of a Song Sung to Me in the Peloponnesus by a Laconian Shepherd near Mystra in 1970
Taylor, Tess 18th Century Remains
Twichell, Chase Tenderfoot
Upton, Lee Drunk at a Party
Ursu, Liliana Always Waiting for the Train (translated from the Hungarian by Sean Cotter)
Ursu, Liliana Piaţa Ovid (translated from the Hungarian by Sean Cotter)
Ursu, Liliana Waiting for Hurricane Isabella to Pass (translated from the Hungarian by Sean Cotter)
Villanueva, R. A. Swarm
Wagoner, David Striking the Set
Wardrop, Daneen Misc. poem (ones)
Wardrop, Daneen Misc. poem (tree)
Welch, David Instructional Ghazal
White, Philip Pietas
Winn, Kieron At My Grandparents' House
Winn, Kieron The Foot of Gardens
Withiam, Scott Food, Prizes, Tours, and Plastic Surgery
Woodworth, Marc On a Greek Vase
Wright, William Chernobyl Eclogue
Zubick, Kelleen Sanatorium Juqueri

2008 Poetry

Author Title Published
Alsop, Maureen Epiphany
Andrews, Nin Stock Market Cycle (Stock Market Blues, Not Yet?, Jump!)
Baudelaire, Charles Un cheval de race (translated from the French by Allen Hagar)
Baumel, Judith His Knowledge of Having Done So
Beasley, Sandra I Don’t Fear Death
Beasley, Sandra Love Poem for Wednesday
Beasley, Sandra My God
Beeder, Amy Against the Neighbors, Bury Bottles
Beeder, Amy The Charges Are Stalking & Arson
Beeder, Amy Silverfish
Beer, Nicky Octopus vulgaris
Beer, Nicky Skin Trade
Bertram, Erin M. Against a Kaleidoscope, 5" x 7"
Bertram, Erin M. The Gospel of Thomas: Through the Open Wound
Black, Malachi Traveling by Train
Black, Sophie Cabot Dark Harbor
Bond, Bruce Choir
Bond, Bruce The Last Days of Jaco Pastorius
Bottoms, David My Father Adjusts His Hearing Aids
Bottoms, David Tedium
Browne, Jenny To the Man Who Stole the Trees We Planted in Memory of My Brother-In-Law Who Killed Himself Earlier in the Spring
Buck, Paula Closson Landscape with a Very Fat Man, Seated
Buck, Paula Closson Litany of Resistance
Buck, Paula Closson Tigers
Buck, Paula Closson What They Had Come For
Bursky, Rick The Aerodynamics
Burt, Stephen In Maryland
Burt, Stephen A Walk in the Morning Sun
Busch, Trent The Forties
Bustion, Olivia Eunuchs for the Kingdom of Heaven
Caleshu, Anthony There’s More to Whaling Than Whales
Caleshu, Anthony Writer’s Rooms, Anthony Caleshu, Photograph by Eamonn McCabe for The Guardian
Char, René Ancestor (translated from the French by Nancy Naomi Carlson)
Char, René Lichens (translated from the French by Nancy Naomi Carlson)
Cohen, Bruce Racism
Conway, Mark Not Night
Cooper, Wyn Mockingbird
Cramer, Steven After the Chinese
deNiord, Chard The Thinker
Der-Hovanessian, Diana On a Line By Brian Phillips
Diaz, Joanne À la Turka
Dilworth, Rachel Marlon Brando Considers His Sex Appeal, in Glorious Black and White
Donovan, Matt Bessie Smith’s Last Recorded Song
Donovan, Matt Bullied Into Thoughts About the Body & Desire at the Colorado State Fair
Donovan, Matt How Graceland’s Decorator Landed the Gig
Donovan, Matt Rapture & the Big Bam
Donovan, Matt Two Songs About the Work of Hands
Dop, Gary Evander Holyfield’s Left Ear Remembers June 28. 1997
Dove, Rita Andante con Variazioni
Dove, Rita Seduction Against Exterior Pilaster, Waning Gibbous
Dove, Rita Staffordshire Figurine, 1825
Evans, CJ Venery
Gehrke, Steve Morphine: Eugene O’Neill Remembering
Gehrke, Steve Nihilism: Eugene O’Neill at Sea
Gewanter, David In again Out again
Gilliland, Don Everyone knows everything already.
Gilliland, Don poem
Gilliland, Mary Flamingos Feed Far in the Shadows
Green, Heather The monocle is a circle the eye is a circle
Havird, David Prayers for a Giant
Hearon, Todd Covenant
Hearon, Todd Song for the Returns
Hegnauer, Lilah Refusal
Hernandez, David Flipbook
Hernandez, David Supermarkets This Large
Heyd, Suzanne Vial Trapped in a Fairy Tale
Hollander, Katherine Educations
Irwin, Mark Table of Contents
Irwin, Mark Tell Me
Kenney, Richard Another Sunset
Kevorkian, Karen Care of the Body
Kinsella, John Ladder
Kinsella, John Recognition Failure Horror
Kozma, Andrew Introduction
Larsen, Lance The Right to Slap Butts, If He Wants
Liu, Timothy Sunnyside Road
London, Sara Sweet Salvage
Lourie, Dick strokes
Makhno, Vasyl Yehuda Amichai (translated from the Ukrainian by Orest Popovych)
Massimilla, Stephen Missed Signs
McFadden, Kevin Fact
McGrath, Leslie Ram’s Horn and Citron, Tinder and Carillon
McNair, Wesley First Snowfall
Morin, Tomas Q. The Shore Party
Nazarene, Robert O, What a Beautiful Morning
Novey, Idra Into the Atacama
O’Connor, Stephen from Fairy Tale (Cottage)
Paegle, Julie Sophia Song in Four Parts with Jeanette McDonald Closeup
Piersanti, Umberto Osteria by the Sea (translated from the Italian by M. F. Rusnak)
Pinsky, Robert The Procession
Pollock, Iain Haley Second Line
Pratt, Gretchen Steele I Try to Hear the Island Disappearing
Prufer, Kevin Recent History
Revard, Lawrence On the Milkman
Rice, Jordan Amongst the Cares
Rilke, Rainer Maria from Sonnets to Orpheus: Part 1, Sonnets 5 and 6 (translated from the German by Lorne Mook)
Robins, Michael The Sweet Crime of a Waltz
Rodionov, Mikhail “On this sleepless night . . .” (translated from the Russian by J. Kates)
Rogers, Bobby C. Jerry Lee Lewis Plays “That Lucky Old Sun” at Bad Bob’s Vapors Club, Memphis, Tennessee
Rosko, Emily Mare’s Nest
Rosko, Emily Troupe Song
Rutherglen, Michael Protea
Sachs, Nelly O You Animals! (translated from the German by Teresa Iverson)
Sandy, Stephen Circular Drives
Sandy, Stephen Huang’s Tao Te Ching
Shaw, Kent Spoon, or A convenient place setting
Sleigh, Tom Claw
Sleigh, Tom Kafka Variations
Sleigh, Tom A Promise
Smith, Bruce Devotion: Dub
Smith, Bruce Devotion: Fly
Stafford, William Wind Gift
Stessin, Alexander “She says, ‘It’s bad . . .’” (translated from the Russian by J. Kates)
Stine, Alison Gossip
Svoboda, Terese Susurrus of Sheets, Goodbye
Ulku, Alpay What the Sky Is Like
Upperton, Tim Kindness
Vallely, Charles Duel after the Masquerade
Van Winckel, Nance Thin Ice
Venclova, Tomas For R. K. (translated from the Lithuanian by Ellen Hinsey)
Venclova, Tomas The Opposite Shore (translated from the Lithuanian by Ellen Hinsey)
Vollmer, Judith Kinzua
Walcott, Derek “Afternoon. Durrant’s. . . .”
Walcott, Derek “Perhaps it exists . . .”
Walcott, Derek A Sea-Change
Wenthe, William Goldsmith and Charity
Wickes, Helen The World As You Left It
Williamson, Alan Bébert
Williamson, Alan Event Horizon
Withiam, Scott Close
Withiam, Scott Just These Miracles
Wolfson, Sarah Keeping Up Appearances
Wolfson, Sarah Letter Home

2007 Poetry

Author Title Published
Addonizio, Kim Suite pour les amours perdus
Aizenberg, Mikhail “Once level with us . . .” (translated from the Russian by J. Kates)
Allen, Dick Prayer Flags
Andersen, Annemette Kure “A stork has stabbed holes”
Andersen, Annemette Kure “The way the walls...”
Balakian, Peter from A-Train/Ziggurat/Elegy
Baudelaire, Charles Le Cygne (translated from the French by George Kalogeris)
Bensko, John Blind Sight
Biele, Joelle The Sublime
Biele, Joelle Wattenmeer Means Cottonsea
Boutelle, Annie The He-Woman of Mull
Boutelle, Annie Margaret MacDonald
Brown, Jericho Rick
Campion, Peter Recurring Dream in a New Home
Cassarino, Stacie Cures for Love
Chazal, Malcolm de 105
Chazal, Malcolm de 156
Chazal, Malcolm de 180
Chazal, Malcolm de 99
Cording, Robert Mozart’s Starling
Cramer, Steven Version of the Stalin Epigram
Davis, Carol Ann At Cadoin with Willem at Three
Dawidoff, Sally Damage
deNiord, Chard Trailer
Dischell, Stuart House and Highway
Dischell, Stuart While an Old Clock Rang the Hour
Dj°rup, Adda The Same Old Rain (translated from the Danish by Roger Greenwald)
Donovan, Matt “Perhaps We Are What We Want to Remember”
Donovan, Matt Rapture & The Big Bam
Dunn, Stephen Please Understand
Ebeid, Carolina Anniversary
Funkhouser, Erica Imaginary Friends
Funkhouser, Erica Waiting to Cut the Hay
Galvin, Brendan Plywood
Galvin, Brendan Smoke
Geide, Marianna “Like a schoolboy . . .” (translated from the Russian by Sibelan Forrester)
Godeau, Georges Gallo-Roman Site
Godeau, Georges Gwen
Godeau, Georges Illusions
Godeau, Georges Paradise
Godeau, Georges A Russian Guide
Green, Melissa The Eater of Paper, the Drinker of Ink
Green, Melissa Enchantments
Green, Melissa Fetters
Green, Melissa Furniture
Green, Melissa Green Willow, Green Willow
Green, Melissa In Early April
Green, Melissa Invitation
Green, Melissa Love in an Irish Family
Green, Melissa Moving Day
Green, Melissa A Saltbox in Vermont
Green, Melissa A Stormy Spring
Green, Melissa A Story
Gr°ndahl, Cathrine Selected Exercises in Case Law II (translated from the Norwegian by Roger Greenwald)
Groom, Kelle Anniversary
Grossberg, Benjamin S. Like the Back of My Hand
Hays, K. A. Exodus
Hinsey, Ellen Aphorisms Regarding Impatience
Hoffman, Jeff Netanyahu
Hollander, Jean Cold Chisel
Hollander, Katherine Educations
Kirchwey, Karl Barnegat Light
Kirchwey, Karl A Wood Thrush
Kolbe, Kimberly I Cannot Name Him
Larsen, Lance Warming the Bed
Lemon, Alex from Hallelujah Blackout
Lessley, Shara Flirtation
Levine, Jeffrey Antonia Refuses the Nectarines
Lindgren, John Diamond
Lindgren, John The Invention of Birds
Lindgren, John Waking
Maloney, John After Work
Matthews, Clay Self-Help for the Lost and Found
McAuliffe, John Context
McIninch, Erica Estate with Doves
Michelson, Joan The Fan Belt Snapped
Montale, Eugenio Café at Rapallo (translated from the Italian by Mary Jane White)
Moyle, Tara Days After the Tsunami, 2005
Norcliffe, James after the Foxhead
Nordbrandt, Henrik Father, Mother, and Children (translated from the Danish by Thomas E. Kennedy)
Nystrom, Debra Lyle: Concentration
Nystrom, Debra Window
Perchik, Simon (caricature by J. Aldeguer)
Perchik, Simon    *   
Perchik, Simon    *   
Potts, Lynne Arrival
Potts, Lynne Berry Basket
Pursley III, John I Keep Imagining Mahler
Pursley III, John In the Air
Rogoff, Jay The Guy Who Passed Me Doing 90 MPH and Playing the Trumpet
Różycki, Tomasz A Crossing
Różycki, Tomasz Firewater
Różycki, Tomasz Totems and Beads
Rzicznek, F. Daniel Goats, or Something
Rzicznek, F. Daniel Narrows
Rzicznek, F. Daniel Oil-Soaked Scoters
Schirmer, Kate Lynn The Last of the Ptolemies
Scudder, Emily Fiddler Crabs
Sleigh, Tom At the Pool
Sleigh, Tom For Benny Andrews
Smith, Jordan Reunion
Smith, Jordan Sonatina: Imaginary City
Szybist, Mary Do Not Desire Me, Imagine Me
Tracy, Kristen Presto
Tracy, Kristen Rain at the Zoo
Tranströmer, Tomas From July ’90 (translated from the Swedish by Michael McGriff with Mikaela Grassl)
Tranströmer, Tomas In the Kingdom of Insecurity (translated from the Swedish by Michael McGriff with Mikaela Grassl)
Tranströmer, Tomas Landscape with Suns (translated from the Swedish by Michael McGriff with Mikaela Grassl)
Tranströmer, Tomas A Page from the Nightbook (translated from the Swedish by Michael McGriff with Mikaela Grassl)
Vogelsang, Arthur Kugluktuk
Wakoski, Diane The Argonaut Rose, Fleeing with the Sailors, Leaving the Body of Her Brother Behind
Wallaert, Josh Company
Weinert, Jonathan Report of the Witness
White, Mike God in the Details
Winckel, Nance Van Waking, Working
Withiam, Scott Migraine
Wolfson, Sarah Night Travel
Zi, Hai Self Portrait
Zi, Hai Tibet

2006 Poetry

Author Title Published
Abramson, Seth Reliquary
Afrasiabi, A. H. “although the path” (translated from the Persian by Niloufar Talebi)
Afrasiabi, A. H. Ghosts (translated from the Persian by Niloufar Talebi)
Allen, Donia Elizabeth from The Tituba Letters: The Witch Poppet, What Were These Pretty Things, Tituba Speaks of Betty Parris, Tituba Speaks of the Weaver, What Evil Spirit Have You Familyarity With
Allen, Donia Elizabeth The Witch Poppet
Andrukhovych, Yuri (CIRCLE) (translated from the Ukrainian by Nina Shevchuk-Murray)
Andrukhovych, Yuri (DUNGEONS) (translated from the Ukrainian by Nina Shevchuk-Murray)
Armitage, Simon Five poems: Sympathy, Sympathy, Sympathy, Sympathy, Sympathy
Arroyo, Rane Tequila Country
Auchter, Amanda The Martyrdom of Saint Agatha
Auchter, Amanda Saint Cecilia, the Incorrupt
Bachmann, Beth Mystery Ending With a Girl in a Field
Bachmann, Beth Mystery of the Noise the Air Makes When Milled
Bakken, Christopher Portrait Detail, with Pear
Banks, Jennifer Frost A Visit to the Doctor
Banks, Jennifer Frost West 26th Street
Bar-Nadav, Hadara Fable of Flesh
Barot, Rick Magnolia
Barry, Quan suffering
Bohince, Paula Interrogation
Boutelle, Annie Naked
Bowen, Kevin At the Home for Disabled Veterans, Dong Ha, 1988
Bowen, Kevin Monsoon
Bowen, Kevin The Novices of Thien Mieu
Bowen, Kristy The Haunting of Archer Avenue
Brewer, Gaylord The Hunter and the Figs
Brown, Kurt Pond
Brown, Kurt Sanctum
Caleshu, Anthony 2027
Carlsen, Ioanna Forgiveness
Cohen, Bruce From a Childhood
Colburn, Nadia Herman What Is Left
Cooper, Wyn Euronymous
Davis, Carol Ann Consolamentum
deNiord, Chard Reception
Deppe, Theodore The Song of the Books
Donovan, Matt Fumbling with a Field Guide on the Back Arroyo Trail
Donovan, Matt Patio Lull with House Guest and View
Donovan, Matt Thumb Trick
Dunham, Rebecca A Leaf, A Hare
Ekiss, Keith Near Mt. Lassen
Ekiss, Keith Rattlesnake
Ekiss, Robin Android Clarinetist
Ekiss, Robin What Makes Men Great
Fay-LeBlanc, Gibson Explanation Beginning With a River
Flynn, Leontia Drive
Friedman, Jeff Note From the Emperor
Garren, Christine To the Sprinter
Ginczanka, Zuzanna Non omnis moriar (translated from the Polish by Nancy Kassell and Anita Safran)
Graham, Sarah Estes Ardennes
Grennan, Eamon Dream Week
Grennan, Eamon From the Train
Hannah, Sarah Alembic
Hardy, Dina from The World Book (Volume T, Pg. 7974)
Hartwig, Julia Everything to Measure
Hartwig, Julia Sentence
Hartwig, Julia Whenever I Meet
Hoffman, Richard Déjà Vu
Hoffman, Richard Pantoum: But You Are Gone
Hölderlin, Friedrich Heidelberg (translated from the German by Emery George)
Hölderlin, Friedrich To the Parcae (translated from the German by Emery George)
Hooker, Eva The Letter I, that is, Small and Large
Hooker, Eva The Mayo Clinic
Jipson, Kristina Forty Nights
Jones, Richard Rest Stop
Kane, Joan Insomnia at North
Keplinger, David Memory, a Snowfall
Kinsella, John Second Canto of the Invisible Terraces
Kinsey, Leland Fish Eggs
Laird, Nick Hunting is a Holy Occupation
Laird, Nick The Present Writer
Laird, Nick Statue of an Alderman in Devon
Leithauser, Hailey The Distance of Objects
Leithauser, Hailey The Failure of Sodom
Lemon, Alex Kinematics
Livingston, Sonja Glossolalia
Machado, Antonio The Waterwheel (translated from the Spanish by George Kalogeris and Gláucia Rezende)
Magowan, Robin Taxim from the Café Amane
Martinaitis, Marcelijus K. B.: I am the Suspect (translated from the Lithuanian by Laima Sruoginis)
McGrath, Campell Consciousness
McKendrick, Jamie ès el senyor Gaudí!
McKendrick, Jamie Twain
McNair, Wesley Some of the Unknown Dead
McPherson, Sandra The Bat by Porch Light
Middleton, Christopher Chekhov at Sumy
Middleton, Christopher The Tenor on Horseback
Militello, Jennifer A Summary of Roots
Montejo, Eugenio Honor the Ass (translated from the Spanish by Kirk Nesset)
Narayanan, Vivek Homeless Man Washing His Foot in the Bathroom of a Bus Station
Northrop, Kate Now Over the Empty Apartment
Orlowsky, Dzvinia Carpe Diem
Orlowsky, Dzvinia Infusion
Oswald, Alice Dunt
Philley, Kim Cherry
Philley, Kim The Red Tower
Platt, Donald Red Door
Potter, Carol Once in an Insurance Company in Boston
Powell, Alison Lesson
Rector, Liam All Her Songs
Rivkin, Joshua Accounting
Roberts, Michael Symmons Armistice
Roberts, Michael Symmons How Long, O Lord, Will You Leave Them?
Rooney, Kathleen Lying Next to You in Bed, Reading Art History, I Come Across Fun Facts That Reflect on You, on Me
Ross, Anna To the One Who Arranges Floods
Seferis, George Argonauts (translated from the Greek by George Kalogeris)
Slater, Judith The Deer
Smith, Young Beneath the Waves
Springer, Jane Why Bother Resurrecting the Dead
Szlosarek, Artur Temptation (translated from the Polish by Jennifer Grotz and Anna Skucinska)
Taylor, Sam Jakata Tales
Thomas, Beth Stillwater
Tichy, Susan American Ghazals
Tichy, Susan Predator
Tracy, Kristen Hanging Up
Trommer, KC The Cyclone
Ulku, Alpay Dare You
Ulku, Alpay Hollyhocks for Myself
Ulku, Alpay Old Suddenly
Wheeler, Lesley Remembering My Mother’s Childhood
Wheeler, Lesley Scholarship Girl
Winckel, Nance Van Brought to Us By
Wolfson, Sarah Flood
Worozbyt, Theodore Plans
Worozbyt, Theodore Tuesday Marriage Death

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