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AGNI Fiction by Year

The links below take you to an index of all fiction published in each given year:

2018 Fiction

Author Title Published
Card, Maisy The True Death of Abel Paisley
Dixon, Stephen His Happiest Day Ever
Foreman, Robert Long Zillow Games
Greenfeld, Karl Taro Lot 14
Haines, Lise The Missing Part
Horvath, Tim A Portrait of the Composer as a Young and Then Not-So-Young Temp
Kinsella, John Barrows
Lancelotta, Victoria Like We Did
Mandanipour, Shahriar Shadows of the Cave (translated from the Persian by Sara Khalili)
Stack, Micah How Many Times?
Thon, Melanie Rae Lover :
Xie, Jenny A Habitable Pose

2017 Fiction

Author Title Published
Allio, Kirstin Soldier
Baggott, Julianna The Velveteen Lover, or How Androids Become Real
Bromiley, Evanthia If the City Falls
Caron, Amber Bending the Map
Dacey, Patrick Once More Before It’s Too Late
Dixon, Stephen The Kiss
Klass, Perri Discharge Planning
Malcangio, Tori Catch & Release: An Apology
Mills, Bronwyn The Story of Ö
Nellen, Stefani How the Mind Can Exist in a Physical Universe
Nelson, Kent Winterlight
Papandreou, Nick The Influence of the Sixties on the Seventies
Rossi, Alan The Problem at Hand
Sandor, Marjorie A Letter of Complaint to Pushkin
Schweizer, Harold Parable in Ten Lessons
Sender, Courtney An Angel on Stilts
Schwartz, Lynne Sharon A Few Days Off
Schwartz, Lynne Sharon I Want My Car
Schwartz, Lynne Sharon A Lapse of Memory
Villoro, Juan The Bad Photographer (translated from the Spanish by Jorge Luis Flores Hernández)
Ward, Liza A Little Bit of Wickedness
Woodward, Angela Prose Suite, from Declarations and Observations
Yee, David E. Donut Man

2016 Fiction

Author Title Published
Bego, Elvis King, Bishop, Queen
Davis, William Virgil Jury Duty
Dixon, Stephen Mornings and Evenings
Dobozy, Tamas Four by Kline Caro
Duffy-Comparone, Emma The Sacrifice
Greenfeld, Karl Taro Khati’ah
Hill, Kathryn Seam Ripper
Holland, Noy Duende
LaSalle, Peter Where I Was When My Older Brother Died
Lowe, Charles The 250 Foreigner Game
Macey, David Emergency Instructions: If an Anaconda Bites Your Hand
Macey, David The End of the Line
Macey, David The Far-Off Thunderheads
Mayer, Rupprecht Before the Exam (translated from the German by Eldon Reishus)
Morton, Brian Tolstoy and God
Passaro, Vince In the Rare Case
Pritchard, Melissa Rose Ivoire
Quatro, Jamie Hypothetical Love Letter Composed on the Occasion of My Twentieth Wedding Anniversary
Rahill, Elske Toby
Ruffin, Maurice Carlos The Children of New Orleans
Sollers, Philippe from Le Secret: The Secret Agent's Story (translated from the French by Armine Kotin Mortimer)
Stern, Steve The Plate-Spinner
Teicher, Craig Morgan The Child Runs Away
Wharton, Thomas Bestiary

2015 Fiction

Author Title Published
Abel, Heather Desire and Other Isms
Andreasson, Jesper Ivan at the Wedding
Bego, Elvis If Anyone Had Told Me Where We Were Going
Clayton, John J. Bourgeois
Conroy, Thom The Carpenter
Deayton, Jennifer S. Wanderlust
Dixon, Stephen Haven’t a Clue
Ducornet, Rikki Maury’s Book
Epstein, Robert A Note on the Type
Fleming, Colin The Deuce
Freeman, Castle, Jr. Is All Good Structure in a Winding Stair?
Gautier, Amina The Loss of All Lost Things
Hassan, Ihab The White Hat
Hellenga, Robert The Fur Coat
James, Cormac One Train May Conceal Another
Knausgaard, Karl Ove from My Struggle, Book Four (translated from the Norwegian by Don Bartlett)
Markstein, Lara The American
Nadelson, Scott Son of a Star, Son of a Liar
Nelson, Bruno Fanfare
Poore, Michael The Rain That Time/That Thing That Happened
Pourciau, Glen Surrender
Rudin, Phyllis Elderhostile
Schwartz, Lynne Sharon Breaking Up
Schwartz, Lynne Sharon Meeting God
Schwartz, Lynne Sharon The Middle Child
Schwartz, Lynne Sharon Return of the Frenchman
Schwartz, Lynne Sharon Who’s Crazy Now?
Stambo, Sofi Lists
Stambo, Sofi When I Was a Little Shepherd
Swamy, Shruti A Simple Composition
Varallo, Anthony Our First Couple
Varallo, Anthony Theft
Willens, Malerie Gropius Falls

2014 Fiction

Author Title Published
Belli, E. C. What Makes the Dawn Breathable
Bosworth, Beth Forgiveness
Caleshu, Anthony Mrs. Carbonate, Mrs. Cuttlefish, Mrs. Conundrum
Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee The Assam Incident
Ebenbach, David Nobody Else Gets to Be Crazy When You’re Being Crazy
Eicher, Terry The Illuminations
Eprile, Tony City of Words
Greenfeld, Karl Taro National Treasure
Hassan, Ihab The Fencers
Jászberényi, Sándor The Dead Ride Fast (translated from the Hungarian by M. Henderson Ellis)
Josten, Husch Le Coup de Foudre (translated from the German by Shelley Frisch)
Machado, Carmen Maria California Statutes Concerning Defrauding an Innkeeper
Mayer, Rupprecht The Decision Maker
Mayhew Bergman, Megan Romaine Remains
Montemarano, Nicholas Other Bodies
Pancake, Ann Rockhounds
Penner, Jonathan Eudaimonia
Rosenfeld, Dalia Thinking in Third Person
Sailor, Matt Vinni Pukh
Singleton, George What Could've Been?
Tabucchi, Antonio Drip, Drop, Drippity-Drop (translated from the Italian by Martha Cooley and Antonio Romani)
Weil, Josh Beautiful Ground

2013 Fiction

Author Title Published
Abildskov, Marilyn The Personal History of Margaret Elizabeth Neilson Newton
Anderson, Selena Grief Bacon
Barrett, A. Igoni A Nairobi Story of Comings and Goings
Benson, Amy At Sea
Christensen, Paul My Beautiful Life
Dagerman, Stig The Stockholm Car (translated from the Swedish by Steven Hartman)
Daniels, J.D. Breaking and Entering
Davidson, Craig Medium Tough
Ebenbach, David We’ll Finish When We’re Done
Germanacos, Anne Smoked Carp
Hernandez, David Fetch
Hollmeyer, Jenn Orders of Protection
Kinsella, John Tarping the Wheat: The Wages of Sin
LaSalle, Peter Brazil
Mathews, Sarah The Petal Farmers
Osondu, E. C. Boarding School
Polonskaya, Anzhelina The Fish (translated from the Russian by Andrew Wachtel)
Sarduy, Severo from Firefly (translated from the Spanish by Mark Fried)
Thon, Melanie Rae Jackrabbit, Lizard, Rattlesnake, Saguaro
West, Paul The Testosterone Wars
Yanique, Tiphanie Oakland Gomorrah
Zyzak, Magdalena Kiss a Robber

2012 Fiction

Author Title Published
Brown, Mark Heroes
Dobozy, Tamas Ghost Geographies
Foreman, Robert Long Cadiz, Missouri
Frahm, Koji No. 1 Champion Golden Noodle
Fühmann, Franz Down the Mountains (translated from the German by Isabel Fargo Cole)
Gibbon, Sean Month to Month
Gillette, Jane The Pink Cat
Haines, Lise Coyote Road
Haverty, Charles Trappings
Hill, Katherine Krasnoyarsk
Huddle, David The Future
Josten, Husch Sooner or Later (translated from the German by Shelley Frisch)
Lancelotta, Victoria As Though I Have a Right To
Miller, Risa The Learning Pit
Passaro, Vince Final Instructions for My Disposal
Pearlman, Edith Stone
Pourciau, Glen Stan’s Report
Rawlings, Wendy Tics
Reid, Robert Leonard That Doubling Is Always Observed
Silber, Joan Buying and Selling
Steward, D. E. Maggiot
Wilson, Jonathan iPod Shuffle

2011 Fiction

Author Title Published
Brownstein, Gabriel Implanted Devices
DeWitt, Helen Plantinga
Driscoll, Jack The Good Father
Ebenbach, David Counterfactual
Edwards, Steve This Girl I Knew
Grebowicz, Margret Philosophy Seminar: The Carnivore
Harvey, Miles The Master of Patina
Hassan, Ihab Hawk
Hollander, David A Bad Harvest
Makamane, Ret’sepile Monrovia Scripture
Mozzi, Giulio The Apprentice (translated from the Italian by Elizabeth Harris)
Nunez, Sigrid It’s All Good
Quatro, Jamie Imperfections
Quatro, Jamie You Look Like Jesus
Quatro, Jamie Relatives of God
Slouka, Mark 1963
Swearingen, Rachel Mitz’s Theory of Everything Series
Talarigo, Jeff The Night Guardian of the Goat
Walser, Robert Cowshed (translated by Susan Bernofsky)
Walser, Robert Do You Know Meier (translated by Susan Bernofsky)
Walser, Robert Kutsch (translated by Susan Bernofsky)
Weil, Josh I Want You to Know That I Know That He Loved You
Whalen, Tom My Father’s Coat

2010 Fiction

Author Title Published
  The AGNI Portfolio of African Fiction
Adekosan, Akin Knocking Tommy’s Hustle
Arac de Nyeko, Monica The Banana Eater
Baingana, Doreen Anointed
Barrett, A. Igoni Love Is Power, Or Something Like That
Bissell, Tom A Bridge Under Water
Cooke, Carolyn The Boundary
Coovadia, Imraan The Institute for Taxi Poetry
Ehikhamenor, Victor E. A Picture From Ireland
Forster, Dayo from Whosoever Fears the Sea
Gaddis, Sarah The End of Old History
Habila, Helon The Iron Gate
Harvey, Miles The Pied Piper of Fuckit
Hill, Kathleen Fall
Ifowodo, Ogaga The Treasonable Parrot
Jensen, Sandra The Good Wife
Kan, Toni The Harbinger
Kinsella, John Bats
Kukafka, Varsha Over on Madison
Manickavel, Kuzhali The Statue Game
Matambo, Bernard Farai Like God on a Sunday Morning
Molefhe, Wame Sethunya Is Our Bride
Nwokolo Jr., Chuma Sentencing for Six
Nwosu, Maik In Parenthesis
Rose-Innes, Henrietta Homing
Rulfo, Juan It’s Because We’re So Poor (translated from the Spanish by Ilan Stavans)
Sandor, Marjorie Wolf
Unigwe, Chika Saving Agu’s Wife
Waberi, Abdourahman A. Somewhere Close to the Start of the Game (Foosball) (translated from the French by David and Nicole Ball)
Wickersham, Joan The Boys’ School, or The News from Spain

2009 Fiction

Author Title Published
Amdahl, Gary Across My Big Brass Bed
Berdeshevsky, Margo Troika for Lovers
Bonnefoy, Yves from The Anchor’s Long Chain (translated from the French by Hoyt Rogers)
Cheshire, Scott Watchers
Dobozy, Tamas All the Black Hearted Villians
Ghosh, Durjoy Twenty Years Back
Harshbarger, Karl Knappenstrasse
Harvey, Giles The Indifferent Beak
Hassan, Ihab Obituary
Johnston, Bret Anthony Caiman
Kalfus, Ken The Un-
Mejia, Michael The Abjection
Nors, Dorthe The Wadden Sea (translated from the Danish by Martin Aitken)
Pritchard, Melissa The Nine-Gated City
O’Donoghue, Mary L. casei Immunitas
Thon, Melanie Rae Survivors
Varallo, Anthony The Boy
Varallo, Anthony The First Days
Varallo, Anthony Sometimes She Wondered What Would Happen
Vogrin, Valerie things we’ll need for the coming difficulties

2008 Fiction

Author Title Published
Amdahl, Gary The Lesser Evil
Bell, Steinur The Whale Hunter
Berdeshevsky, Margo A Friday Desdemona
Besserman, Perle The Sackman Street Boys
Fleming, Colin Blinkered
Frame, Ronald Caffè Doppio
Galef, David Natasha
Gault, Miciah Bay O Liberated Eyes
Gough, Thomas Wayward Children and Their Guardians
Hall, Rebecca City of Bridges
Haverty, Charles Excommunicados
Henderson, Eleanor The Farms
Kalfus, Ken Professor Arecibo
Kozlov, Vladimir Drill and Song Day (translated from the Russian by Andrea Gregovich with Mikhail Iossel)
Makanin, Vladimir A Time of Exchanges (translated from the Russian by Mary Ann Szporluk)
Mennuti, Nicholas D. Connected
Rager, Matt The Coffin Makers of Ghana
Schwartz, Lynne Sharon Coda
Shivani, Anis Manzanar
Stern, Richard A Berlin Story
Steward, D. E. Agosti
Tropp, Girija Advent: A Traveler’s Tale
West, Paul Old and New Style
Wood, Anne-E. The Beast

2007 Fiction

Author Title Published
Anderson, Eric D. The Instructions
Berdeshevsky, Margo Pas de Deux, à Trois
Clayton, John J. Fishman
Flynn, Louise Jarvis The Water Garden
Gates, David The Man Who Knew Beckett
Goedjen, Tara Absence of Oxygen in Town Creek
Haverty, Charles Search Party
Hwang, Frances Giving a Clock
Klein, Lee Carry Me Father No More
LaSalle, Peter Mendoza-Burke’s Reform
McCorkle, Jill Happy Accidents
Moldaw, Carol from The Widening
Mozzi, Giulio Glass (translated from the Italian by Elizabeth Harris)
Passaro, Vince Split Up on a Dark Sad Night, Agreeing It Was Best
Pearlman, Edith Cul-De-Sac
Quick, Matthew M. Do Not Hate Them Very Much
Tulli, Magdalena from Blemish (translated from the Polish by Bill Johnston)
Vollmann, William T. Widow’s Weeds
Waite, Urban Open Water
Warner, James The Mysterious Remnant
Williams, Katie Drama Kids
Wong, Kenneth Movie Nights in Rangoon

2006 Fiction

Author Title Published
Caleshu, Anthony Dog
Chasin, Alexandra The Clawed Claims of Bear Love
Châteaureynaud, Georges-Olivier “A Life on Paper” (translated from the French by Edward Gauvin)
Czyz, Vincent The Three Veils of Ibn Oraybi
Eggers, Paul Monsieur le Genius
Frame, Ronald Carnbeg-Japan®
Frick, Thomas from The Iron Boys
Mejia, Michael Report to Ito Sadohara, Head of Tuna, Uokai, Ltd., to the Ministry of Commerce, Regarding Recent Events in the Domestic Fishing Industry
Miller, Sam Woman Kills Leopard with Sickle
Moody, Rick The Cow of the Ocean
Murphy, Yannick Walls
Nguyen, Phong Memory Sickness
Novak, Maja The Fall of the House of Pirnat (translated from the Slovenian by Tom Lozar)
Osondu, E. C. Jimmy Carter’s Eyes
Osondu, E. C. A Letter from Home
Roesch, Mattox Humpies
Steward, D. E. Juino
Thon, Melanie Rae Confession for Raymond Good Bird
Viswanathan, Padma The Barber Lover

2005 Fiction

Author Title Published
Aaron, Betsy Udaipur
Andrews, Nin A Party of Widows
Barlow, Gania Clytemnestra
Caleshu, Anthony Land, Sky, and Sea
Clarke, Brock The Price of the Haircut
Clayton, John J. Light at the End of the Tunnel
Ducornet, Rikki The Wild Child
Eberlein, Xujun Pivot Point
Frame, Ronald Bartók’s Bagpipes
Hill, Nathan The Reception
Hughes, Matt Anecdotal Spores: Progeria
Hughes, Matt Anecdotal Spores: The Character Actor
Hughes, Matt Anecdotal Spores: The Crazy Uncle
Hughes, Matt Anecdotal Spores: The Lesson
Hughes, Matt Anecdotal Spores: Walking on Words
Kirby, Matthew The Importance of Form in Sketching
Krishangini The Portrait (translated from the Tamil by Padma Narayanan)
LaSalle, Peter Stadium
Levens, Joseph Chrome
Mitchell, Emily Five Serrated Dreams
Montemarano, Nicholas Poster Child
Narayanan, Vivek Encounters with the Kodambakkam Hyena
O’Donoghue, Mary Motocross
Pearlman, Edith On Junius Bridge
Reich, Tova Dedicated to the Dead
Roberts, Joshua Revolver
Stigman, Michael Work
Tropp, Girija Feeling Satisfactory
Tulli, Magdalena Parts of Speech (translated form the Polish by Bill Johnston)
Whalen, Tom Conversations with Godard

2004 Fiction

Author Title Published
Abouzeid, Chris The Silence of the Iambs
Adrian, Kim My Thoughts on Pâté
Appel, Jacob M. The Frying Finn
Besserman, Perle The Wrong Stop
Booker, Brian The Fourteen Stages of Tequila
Brizer, David Cagliostro
Clare, Jai Bone on Bone
Clare, Jai The Hand of Fatima
Cole, Patrick Fire Works
Egan, James Jay Neo-Globalism
Galef, David Going Nowhere
Galef, David Portrait of Duff
Gessen, Keith The Right of Return
Haverty, Charles Crackers
Hurka, Joseph Doberman
Narayanan, Vivek My Father, the Perfect Man
O'Donoghue, Mary Loud Children
Pulaski, Jack The Matinee
Shute, Sarah Jane Red Balloon
Singer, Margot Reunification
Storey, Donna George Presidential Dreams
Suárez, Patricia Eucalyptus, Dead and Burning in the Sun
Tanaka, Shimon The Flight Back
Unferth, Deb Olin Minor Robberies
Unferth, Deb Olin Passport
Vivian, Robert Eating the Bible
West, Paul from The Tardigrade: 8. Permafrost; 9. Pirogi; 15. The Formal Personal Pronoun
Wickersham, Joan What About the Gun?
Wilson, Sari The Sightseer

2003 Fiction

Author Title Published
Barry, Quan errata from the field: demographics
Barry, Quan mission statement, or the Saturday after Sinatra died
Eberly, Paul Catastrophes
George, Ranjini Taj Mahal and Petha
Germanacos, Anne Irini
Haines, Lise Stolen Photo
Henriquez, Cristina French, Vacuum, Butterfly
Hilbig, Wolfgang The Abandoned Factory (translated from the German by Isabel Fargo Cole)
Jones, Alden Heathens
Kalotay, Daphne Calamity
Lewinson, Ann The Kubrick Version
Montemarano, Nicholas The Usual Human Disabilities
Moody, Rick Five Stories
Shklovsky, Yevgeny A Cup of Coffee in the Café on Ostozhenko (translated from the Russian by John Mason and Byron Lindsey)
Spark, Debra The Revived Art of the Toy Theatre
Tobin, Patrick That Kind of Nonsense
Wallace, David Foster The Soul Is Not a Smithy
Ward, Liza Witness
West, Paul To Go
Whalen, Tom History Lesson
Winckel, Nance Van Black Fields, Black Horses

2002 Fiction

Author Title Published
Button, Wendy Jordie
Clayton, John J. I’m Here, You’re There
Hodgkins, Priscilla Bread and War
Kalotay, Daphne The Man from Allston Electric
Maupassant, Guy de First Snow (translated from the French by Matthew Yost)
Sutton, Barbara The Send-Away Girl
Yost, Matthew The Letter

2001 Fiction

Author Title Published
Bissell, Tom Aral
Clézio, J. M. G. Le Pawana (translated from the French by Christophe Brunski)
Cooke, Carolyn The Sugar-Tit
Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee The Lives of Strangers
Fais, Michael Aunt Clara, Laughing Her Heart Out (translated from the Greek by Stavros Deligiorgis)
Oates, Joyce Carol Me & Wolfie, 1979
Sarkohi, Faraj The Yellow of Newly Ripened Lemons (translated from the Persian by Nilou Mobasser)
Schwartz, Lynne Sharon Sightings of Loretta
Zabuzhko, Oksana Field Work in Ukrainian Sex* (translated from the Ukrainian by Halyna Hryn)

2000 Fiction

Author Title Published
Bell, Madison Smartt New Slave, Old Master
Bock, Charles That Way They’ll Know I’m Alive
Bukiet, Melvin Jules But, Microsoft! What Byte through Yonder Windows Breaks?
Mehlman, Jeffrey Hugo 2000
Painter, Pamela Pilot of the Year to Pilot of the Day
Shrayer, Maxim D. Last August in Biarritz
Stavans, Ilan Xerox Man
Thacker, Julia The Funeral of the Man Who Wasn’t Dead Yet
Thomson, James Whitfield Expecting Miracles

1999 Fiction

Author Title Published
Ardizzone, Tony Cavaduzzo’s of Cicero
Busch, Frederick Vespers
Clarke, Jaime The Serial Lover
Harmon, Joshua Invisible Country
Ireland, Perrin Night Shift
James, Tess Callahan from Four Seasons in April
Keene, John An Outtake From the Ideological Origins of The American Revolution
Kennedy, Kevin Loverboy
Kennedy, Thomas E. Autumn Wasps
Moss, Rose A Gem Squash
Pelevin, Victor The Greek Version
Rosovsky, Michael The Bedford Quarry
Weaver, Gordon Mannequin

1998 Fiction

Author Title Published
Andrukhovych, Yuri The Testament of Antonio Del Campo, from the novel Perversion (translated from the Ukrainian by Michael M. Naydan)
Bock, Charles The Next Big Thing
Bodor, Ádám Pot Luck (translated from the Hungarian by Andrea Berger)
Bodor, Ádám The Ride (translated from the Hungarian by Andrea Berger)
Bodor, Ádám The Woodsman Has a Visitor (translated from the Hungarian by Andrea Berger)
Cliff, Michelle Stan’s Speed Shop
Lahiri, Jhumpa Interpreter of Maladies
Lichtenstein, Alfred The Suicide of the Pupil Mueller (translated from the German by Sheldon Gilman and Robert Levine)
Makanin, Vladimir Torrent River (translated from the Russian by Mary Ann Szporluk)
Painter, Pamela Sympathy
Papandreou, Nick Parthena Earns Her Name
Sanders, Stephan Ah, Jamaica! (translated from the Dutch by David Colmer)
Stavans, Ilan Blimunda (translated from the Spanish by Harry Morales)
Tozzi, Federigo Tenants (translated from the Italian by Linda Lappin)
Xiao, Li Anecdotes from the Office (translated from the Chinese by Zhu Hong)

1997 Fiction

Author Title Published
Chesak, Christopher Jason
Chimera, Beth July
Cooper, Wyn Monkey, Mirror, Troll, Bush
Everett, Percival Finem respice
Hoffman, Alice Bake at 350°
Kim, Gac Ese
Lareau, Jeannette The Difference between Us
Meyers, Tiffany Saltimbocca
Nguyen, Nhi from On Being an A-merican
Novakovich, Josip Lyon
Salamensky, Shelley Loving Mr. H
Sobocinski, Traci What Is An Omniscient Narrator?
Spurgeon, Tammy Belvedere
Stern, Richard To Work
Sullivan, Mary Louise The Whole Sky Is Mine
Yarkevich, Igor Two Writers (translated from the Russian by Seth Graham)
Yusuf, Humair Incapable of Love

1996 Fiction

Author Title Published
Adams, Alice The Wrong Virginia
Clayton, John J. History Lessons
Davies, Peter Ho Safe
Franco, Michael Fifth Circumference, from A Book of Measure
Marshall, Alexandra Chapter One, from Wedding Pictures
McCorkle, Jill from Carolina Moon
Minot, Stephen Staying Clear
Oates, Joyce Carol Boy Looking into Infinity

1995 Fiction

Author Title Published
Bauer, Douglas Closing Set at the Valencia, from The Book of Famous Iowans
Bell, Madison Smartt In the Camps
Berman, Mitch A Story of Many Titles
Berne, Suzanne from A Crime in the Neighborhood
Gornick, L. K. Instructions to Participant
Hohn, Donovan Near-Death Experiences
Lish, Gordon The Abbess
Nelson, Victoria The Main Train Station
Packer, George The Road to Point Reyes
Searle, Elizabeth from A Four-Sided Bed
Sharif, M. T. Chapter II, from The Public Death of Doctor Amin
Treadway, Jessica Consolation, from Shirley Wants Her Nickel Back
Wilbur, Ellen Faith

1994 Fiction

Author Title Published
Shange, Ntozake “That’s Why I Love Her So & Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I Want the World to Know” or Why Jackie Wilson Died in Silence
Spark, Debra Second World
Traxler, Patricia The Eternity Bird

1993 Fiction

Author Title Published
Domini, John Senior Transfer
Honig, Edwin The Wall and the Stream
Iourienen, Serge The Petersburg Express (translated from the Russian by Mary Ann Szporluk)
Jr., John R. Keene, Wintergreen
Kaplan, Hester Claude Comes and Goes
Oates, Joyce Carol Bad Touch
Perriere, D.M. De La Occupational Marks and Other Signs
Rodburg, Maxine Keer Avenue
Shevchuk, Valery The Voice of Grass (translated from the Ukrainian by Yuri Tarnawsky)
Wohlfeld, Valerie The Sugar Tooth

1992 Fiction

Author Title Published
Agosín, Marjorie The Gold Bracelet (translated from the Spanish by Elizabeth Horan)
Agosín, Marjorie Nana (translated from the Spanish by Elizabeth Horan)
Flook, Maria Rhode Island Fish
Holinger, William The Match
Isle, Ray The Bayou
Jin, Ha Dragon Head
Jr., Robert O. Greer, Prime
Kumar, D. Dilip Her Solution (translated from the Tamil by Vasantha Sudya and revised by Leslie Epstein)
LaSalle, Peter Black Book
Moss, Rose Toward the Golden City
Neiburga, Andra Elina Is Happy (translated from the Latvian by Banuta Rubess)
Paavannan Balaji and the Teacher (translated from the Tamil by Pa Subramanian and revised by Leslie Epstein)
Svendsen, Linda The Edger Man
Treadway, Jessica Absent Without Leave

1991 Fiction

Author Title Published
Clayton, John J. In Those Days
Dixon, Stephen The Killing
Jin, Ha My Best Soldier
Kaysen, Susanna Toward a Topography of the Parallel Universe
Moss, Rose In Court
Neiburga, Andra Stuffed Birds and Cages Birds (translated from the Latvian by Banuta Rubess)
Novakovich, Josip A Free Fall
Oates, Joyce Carol Act of Solitude
Shields, David The Heroic Mode
Snell, Merrie Harry, Tango, Fred Astaire

1990 Fiction

Author Title Published
Ardizzone, Tony Sons of Adam
Blum, Bessie Chumming
Clayton, John J. The Man Who Could See Radiance
Dibrova, Volodymyr Beatles’ Songbook: Why Don’t We Do It in the Road (translated from the Ukrainian by the author)
Kiely, Daniel Carol Anne’s Dad
Sadoff, Ira Get Well Soon
Schmidt, Heidi Jon Katie Vanderwald
Tudish, Catherine The Dancing-Master
Williams, Diane Science and Sin or Love and Understanding

1989 Fiction

Author Title Published
Demas, Corinne The Other Side
Godshalk, C. S. The Wizard
Iossel, Mikhail Beyond the Pale
Pulaski, Jack from Chekhov Was a Doctor: Abraham and Isaac, Isaac the Truant
Sharif, M. T. In the Kingdom of the Wise

1988 Fiction

Author Title Published
Ellis, Normandi Spiritualism
Gardinier, Suzanne Seeds
Minot, Stephen Apparitions
Papa, Marco Mirko Polkan (translated from the Italian by John Satriano)
Sharif, M. T. The Letter Writer
Strout, Elizabeth Different Lives

1987 Fiction

Author Title Published
Blackwell, Kate Yodeling
Bosworth, David from Dig
Corey, Deborah Sister
Cornell, Valerie The Music Student
Demas, Corinne Babylove
Honig, Lucy All Friends, No Strangers
Lefer, Diane Quicksand
Louie, David Wong Birthday
Milofsky, David Advancing La Crosse
Oates, Joyce Carol The Gorge
O’Donnell, Patricia The Eloquence of Light
Sandor, Marjorie Staying Under
Stefaniak, Mary Helen Roof Raising
Vivante, Arturo Night in the Piazza

1986 Fiction

Author Title Published
Atwood, Margaret Shopping
Banks, Russell The Fish
Berman, Mitch Time Capsule
Morris, Mary Reconnaissance
Oates, Joyce Carol The Orphan
Ratushinskaya, Irina Senya the Dream-Maker (translated from the Russian by Diane Nemec Ignashev)
Sharif, M. T. Cowboys and Iranians
Stephens, Michael Indian Country
Williams, Nahndi Up from the Dirt

1985 Fiction

Author Title Published
Davies, Carol Cambridge Girls / LA Women
Demas, Corinne Separate Lives
Morris, Mary Shining Path
Pollack, Eileen The Value of Diamonds
Vivante, Arturo Dancer

1984 Fiction

Author Title Published
Abbott, Lee K. Love is the Crooked Thing
Chute, Carolyn Crowe Bovey’s Burning Cold
Jones, Richard The Summer of Writing Movies
Oates, Joyce Carol Silver Storm
Stark, Sharon Sheehe Rough-and-Tumble Mercies

1983 Fiction

Author Title Published
Clayton, John J. Fantasy for a Friday Afternoon
Frucht, Abby Peace and Passivity
Gammon, Catherine Earth Tides
Greenberg, Daniel A. A Postcard form Texas
Morris, Mary Copies
Rosenberg, L. M. Coyote’s Courtship

1982 Fiction

Author Title Published
Chute, Carolyn Omar Wicks and the Hippie Massacre
Frucht, Abby Engagements
Gibbons, Reginald Wolf-Money Daughter-Dream
Griesemer, John The Open Ocean
Hanley, James The Face of Winter
Janowitz, Tama A Visit to Chicken Greiben
Kornberg, Grant How to Cook a Turkey
Nelson, Kent The Tarpon Bet
Oates, Joyce Carol Growing Seasons and Killing Frosts
Taylor, Robert, Jr. Old Tennessee

1981 Fiction

Author Title Published
Bosworth, David Alien Life
Boyle, T. Coraghessan Escape from the Moors
Garrett, George Riding from Darkness into Light
Hanley, James When the Light Came
Henry, Dewitt Hospital
Lombreglia, Ralph Remembering the Ugly Duckling
Provost, Allan Facts
Taylor, Robert, Jr. Passing Away
Vliet, R. G. Canto Siete
Young, William The Extremities

1980 Fiction

Author Title Published
Bosworth, David Anti-War Story
Gross, Charles M. Golda Rifka
Kessler, Jascha Afrodite
Major, Clarence Party: With Masks
Melnyczuk, Askold The Great Acorn of Light
Oates, Joyce Carol Presque Isle
Reed, Neil H. G. The Written Word
Schneider, Susan Dancer
Shelnutt, Eve The Formal Voice
Taylor, Robert, Jr. Loving Belle Starr

1979 Fiction

Author Title Published
Bahr, Thomas Delhi Escape
Bosworth, David “Soap”
Modiano, Patrick La Place de L’Etoile (translated from the French by Pepe Karmel)
Morris, Mary Idaho As It Seemed
Oates, Joyce Carol The Way We Live
Shelnutt, Eve Timing

1978 Fiction

Author Title Published
Bosworth, David The Death of Descartes
Demas, Corinne Daffodils or the Death of Love
Hewitt, Christine Lehner In the Time of Revolution
Midwood, Bart Me and My Uncle
Morris, Mary The Loneliness of the Pillow Pretender
Morris, Mary Penn Station
Smyth, George W. Divining Victory
Swann, Brian Family Feeling

1977 Fiction

Author Title Published
Chatfield, Hale Dorris Comes Out
Chatfield, Hale Dorris Stays In
Major, Clarence Inlet
Morris, Mary The Other Moon

1976 Fiction

Author Title Published
Burke, France Alter Ego
Christenson, Stephen Left Foot in a Lonely Guitar
Dixon, Stephen The Tellers
Schwartz, Howard Absence
Schwartz, Howard A Small Carnival
Stokes, Terry Claudia D’Amato Loves Warm Movies, Very Warm Movies

1974 Fiction

Author Title Published
Anderson, Jack Crowds
Komie, Lowell B. Shards and Crosses

1973 Fiction

Author Title Published
Hayes, William Baron Lafsky
Luria, Jonathan Vestiges
Tobias, M. D’hT Letter Fragment
Rosinante Floating Basil

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