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Richard Tillinghast

Richard Tillinghast (author page at Amazon) is the author of ten books of poems and several volumes of essays, including Poetry and What Is Real (University of Michigan Press, 2004). He is the author of the critical memoir, Robert Lowell's Life and Work: Damaged Grandeur. His new travel book, Istanbul: City of Forgetting and Remembering will be published in November 2012. He lives in Tipperary, Ireland. (4/2012)

AGNI has published the following work by Richard Tillinghast:

Big Doors
The Emigrant
from Istanbul in Winter
from Istanbul in Winter: Hagia Sophia, The Call to Prayer, Rumi
A Hotel in the Rain
A reflection on Robert Lowell
Water Music


AGNI has published the following translations by Richard Tillinghast:

The Aluminum Shop by Edip Cansever
Sweet Reality by Edip Cansever
Water by Edip Cansever

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