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Marilyn Hacker

Marilyn Hacker (author page at Amazon) is the author of thirteen books of poems, most recently A Stranger’s Mirror (W. W. Norton & Co.,2015), and fifteen collections of translations of French and Francophone poets. Her translations from Arabic include work by Fadwa Suleiman, Zakaria Tamer, and Golan Haji. Her Selected Poems was published in 1996 by W. W. Norton. (updated 10/2016)

AGNI has published the following work by Marilyn Hacker:

Street Scenes: Sunday Evening
Twelfth Floor West


AGNI has published the following translations by Marilyn Hacker:

Blue Gold by Guy Goffette
Knothead by Hédi Kaddour
Precepts by Claire Malroux
To Aras Bengo by Golan Haji
To Mohammed Samy al-Kayâlli by Golan Haji
To Raed Naqshabandi by Golan Haji
To Ruwa Riché by Golan Haji
Trees of Flame by Claire Malroux
The Veil of Ether by Guy Goffette

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