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Antonia Lloyd-Jones

Antonia Lloyd-Jones a full-time translator of Polish literature. Her most recently published translations are Saturn, a novel by Jacek Dehnel (Dedalus), and Kore, a book of essays on medicine and art by Andrzej Szczeklik (Counterpoint). Her published translations of poetry include Black Square by Tadeusz Dąbrowski (Zephyr Press). She has also translated fiction by several of Poland’s leading contemporary novelists, including Paweł Huelle. Her other translations from Polish include House of Day, House of Night, a novel by Olga Tokarczuk (Granta, 2002, shortlisted for the IMPAC award); In the Garden of Memory, the memoir of a Jewish Polish family by Joanna Olczak-Ronikier (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2004, shortlisted for the Wingate Literary Award); The Birch Grove and Other Stories by Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz (Central European Press, 2001); and Catharsis by Andrzej Szczeklik, a leading cardiologist’s philosophy of medicine (University of Chicago Press, 2005). Her translations of Polish poetry have appeared in The Edinburgh Review, AGNI Online, and elsewhere. She also translates reportage and books for children. (updated 8/2013)

AGNI has published the following translations by Antonia Lloyd-Jones:

“I scanned my photograph . . .” by Tadeusz Dąbrowski
“Outside the window falls the rain.” by Tadeusz Dąbrowski
“Why does that particular . . .” by Tadeusz Dąbrowski

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